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  1. Adoption of Children: What Happens If Teen Parents Give Up a Child For Adoption

    Tennessee -
    16 year old mother and her family want to give up baby due in Dec for adoption
    15 year old father (my son) has a problem with that but is being pressured into it by mother (his...
  2. Grandparents and Third Parties: Can Grandparents Adopt if Bio Parents Give Up Their Rights

    Tennessee paternal grandparents want to adopt baby due in December.
    Mother and material grandparents are seeking adoption but feel they do not want us to adopt because it would not be "cutting ties"...
  3. Re: Does a 15 Year Old Father Have Any Rights

    Thank you, yes he is serious and he has our support.
  4. Does a 15 Year Old Father Have Any Rights

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Tennessee

    my 15 year old son & his 16 year old girlfriend are expecting. Her father is pushing her to put the baby up for adoption when it is...
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