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    Repossession: Re: Repo vs Handing Over the Keys

    They will sell/auction it and charge you the difference. If it's leaking oil and you don't repair it then it won't sell for as much, and you'll wind up paying that money anyway. Consider that. ...
  2. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Hospice Resident Served With a Collection Lawsuit

    Does she owe the money? If so, why should she not pay it?
  3. Traffic Accidents: Re: Subpoena to Appear As Witness in Traffic Court

    If the case is FL vs her then don't sweat it. I've appeared as a witness under subpoena a couple of times (I'm the guy who stops and helps when I see an accident, so I sometimes get called as...
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: My Father Might Steal My Car

    Depending on the type of car, you should be concerned about spare keys. If the car has remote locks then look online and figure out how to make the car "forget" all the remote keyfobs, and then...
  5. Providing to a Minor: Re: First Offense Will I Get Jail Time or Just Pay a Big Fine

    The potential penalty is death, for the minor. There's a reason we have drinking ages.

    For you... I don't want to you reveal personal information or detail about the case itself, but please...
  6. Terrorism: Re: Terrorism or Not

    If he is a parent of a kid at that school then he could have found out a lot about the security arrangements and lockdown process by simply asking his kid. My son's school had a lockdown drill soon...
  7. Burglary: Re: Find All the Legal Info I Need to Try to Own a Gun

    The law disqualifies you from gun ownership if you *could* have been sentenced to a year or more. What level of felony were you convicted of?

    Also check federal disqualifiers too.
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Rental Car Returned but Reported Stolen

    You offering to pay for the rental car is a huge "guilty conscience" flag. If someone stole a rental car that I had returned after hours I'd give them my insurance details and let them sort it out...
  9. Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: Warn: Can Company Open New Office in Same City As a Warn Location Closure

    Understood. I'll make sure we try to address these points. If it works out then it works out great, otherwise.. well, it was worth a shot.

    Thanks again for your time!
  10. Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: Warn: Can Company Open New Office in Same City As a Warn Location Closure

    Thanks for your response. What downsides do you see? If we lease the space instead of relocating then we'd save the company over $100k in relo costs, plus salaries in the new city are all $30k...
  11. Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Under the WARN Act Can Company Open New Office in Same City its WARN Location Closure

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Ohio

    My company is closing a facility and laying off 60 people. We all got WARN notices.

    Myself and 2 others were offered...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First DUI in Illinois

    I would expect the witnesses to have to testify that you were driving, unless you already admitted that fact to the police. If they don't show up then they may have little or no evidence you were...
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    Student Loans: Re: Student Loan Debt 10 Years Later

    It's your tab, not theirs. You borrowed the money, and the money (for whatever reason) has not been paid back.

    If they are charging unreasonable interest and fees then I would probly talk with...
  14. Seat Belt Violations: Re: What Evidence Can a Cop Have That Proves You Werent Wearing a Seatbelt in Maine

    Was the seatbelt ticket his was of cutting you a break (instead of giving you a speeding ticket)?

    Which seat where you in? Rear driver's side passenger what? How can you drive a car if you're...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Driver Reversed into Cyclist

    Do you know what the licensing/insurance requirements for an electric bike? It may be that he needs to be insured etc, and therefore by reporting it to the police may be admitting to breaking the...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Parking Lot Accident

    If you were backing out of the space then it's going to likely be your fault. If that is the case, then his insurance won't pay you anything, belted or not.
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Liability for Lending a Car

    Are eitehr Alaska or Colrado no-fault states?

    I like the lienholder idea.

    The truck is being sold for $2600. Compare that to the potential liability if he DOES crash:
    - If you simply sign...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting in New Jersey

    You wasted 3 years on prelaw if you're going to use it to get yourself out of criminal charges.
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Citation for Failure to Yield

    When I say "Talk to the court" I mean that you're unlikely to get an answer here that is specific to your local court, and that different courts (even different judges) have different standards for...
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    Re: Yellow Light Accident, Failure to Stop

    No such thing as running a yellow in Cali. The left-turner has the absolute duty to ensure his turn can be made without interfering with other traffic.

    You say when you turned there was no...
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    Re: Wrong Information in Police Report

    I'm struggling to understand the flow of your story. Please add punctuation.

    Is the wife being charged with driving under suspension? What's going on with HIS record that it's better for her to...
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    Re: Rear End Before Traffic Light

    There are many reasons that she may need to suddenly stop. Someone cut her off, a pedestrian steps out, she sees debris in the road etc. You can't predict what will make a driver stop suddenly. ...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Citation for Failure to Yield

    A citation for Failure To Yield IS appropriate given the circumstances described. You have an absolute duty to ensure the roadway is clear before poceeding forward from the stop sign.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting at Costco

    Why? It's a relevant question directed at the OP about the case in hand.
  25. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Following Up on Shoplifting at Sears (Nj)

    Read the letter more closely... Does it actually say something to the effect that they are acknowledgng that you paid the demand and that they are therefore taking no further action?

    Eitehr way,...
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