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  1. Re: Obligation of HOA to Notify Owner of Dues Increase

    My impression has always been that the short rent would be applied to the new rent, any shortage would come from the security deposit and the tenant would be notified of such. Once the security...
  2. Re: Obligation of HOA to Notify Owner of Dues Increase

    Would you please be kind enough to cite the legal authority on this?
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    Hindrance of Civil Rights: Re: Governor Using Lockdown

    To the OP -

    Greetings from the heart of the lockdown.

    I am in California. Yesterday, the Governor directed that all Californians remain at home and not venture out except as needed for...
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    Driver's License Issues: Re: International Driverís License

    Is she actually attending a school in New York?
  5. Re: Actually Happened. Last Post Until I'm Charged with Something Like a Ticket

    OK, you have fun with that.
  6. Re: Actually Happened. Last Post Until I'm Charged with Something Like a Ticket

    So, you conduct in exposing your private parts was willful. Doing so willfully violates the law (314 PC). If arrested, I have little doubt you would be convicted under those circumstances.
  7. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

    Posting hx
  8. Thread: Spouses Pets

    by L-1

    Re: Spouses Pets

    You hear lot of people saying things like that nowadays, but when Mark47n says it, you know he really means it, so you need to listen.
  9. Thread: Opinions

    by L-1

    Theft and Larceny: Re: Opinions

    Walmart, Florida, Garden Center, Bottles of Water, Forgot To Pay ???????

    We heard this story last month under a different OP name last month and the forum responded to it quite thoroughly. OP is...
  10. Thread: HOA at War with Me

    by L-1

    Homeowners Associations: Re: HOA at War with Me

    Sounds like a little malicious compliance is in order. So......Paint the rat to maintain it in a clean and first class condition. Perhaps a nice combination of Red, White and Blue. After all, who...
  11. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: What to Do if Someone is Suing You for a Possible Dog Bite and Story is a Lie

    Paragraphs are your friend.

    Turn everything over to your homeowners or renters insurance and let them handle it.
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    Parking Permits: Re: New Car Towed by Apartment Complex

    My HOA has the same rules. When I brought home a new car after hours, I made sure to put a visitor pass in the window until I obtained a permanent pass, because I knew the HOA and the tow company...
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    Weapons Offenses: Re: Pa Medical Marijuana and Firearms Ownership

    BATF issued an explanatory memo regarding it nine years ago. Although it addressed medical marijuana, the principles behind their interpretation are the same.
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    Re: Should a Murder Charge Be Even Considered

    I was under5 the impression all charges arising out of the same incident had to be heard at the same trial and you couldn't keep going back for multiple bites of the apple. (At least in my state.) ...
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    Re: Should a Murder Charge Be Even Considered

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but the suspect has already been tried, convicted and is serving his sentence for attacking this woman. Even if her death is determined to be a direct result of his...
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    Extending a Lease: Re: No Lease Renewal Offered

    Look at your current lease. I'm going to be it says that if not renewed, it automatically rolls over to a month to month at your current rent and with the same terms and conditions as your present...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Tax Basis - Property Inherited Via an LLC

    Thank you Taxing. And yes, the LLC was a disregarded entity and placed in the name of the Living Trust. I failed to mention that. (All this stuff gets so complicated its hard to remember all the...
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    Federal Taxes: Tax Basis - Property Inherited Via an LLC

    State of California

    in 1985, a single family residence was purchased for $181.5k. It was used as a family home untii 1994, when the original owner moved out and converted it to a rental. In...
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    Re: Preparing for Gender Discrimination in Job Hunt

    I'm just curious. If 10 people apply for one job opening, nine of them are going to be disappointed. When it turns out you are not the anointed one, how do you determine it was the result of gender...
  20. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Confirming That There Was No Probable Cause to Arrest

    Good luck with that.

    Generally there are just a few elements that need to be proved to establish the elements of theft:

    1. Taking
    2. Property of another
    3. Intent to permanently deprive.
  21. Federal Taxes: Re: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    I didn't know how to word it in my question, but that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Taxing !

  22. Defamation: Re: A Person is Destroying My Reputation, Simply on Revenge


    Paragraphs are your friend.
  23. Federal Taxes: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    I have two California LLCs, the operating agreements of which require that annual meetings be held to approve expenses, review future plans, look at distribution of profits, etc. When they were...
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    Violation & Enforcement: Re: Who Should Report Protective Order Violations

    If it's apparent they have no case then you need to consider they are firing you on a humbug charge because they don't want you.

    Years back one of my former officers left our agency and went to...
  25. Re: Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    Just as a follow up -

    After checking, there were eight months left on the lease. After some back and forth, my property management company has negotiated a settlement with the tenant where he...
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