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  1. Calculation of Support: Re: How to Determine Legal Duty for Prior Born

    Have you looked at the actual child support guidelines? (the written ones) I remember there being instructions somewhere on how to calculate that somewhere.
  2. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Getting Copy of Deceased Mother's Trust in Mn

    Being a prior beneficiary would not entitle you to the trust documents. Being an heir would entitle you to a copy of your mother's will perhaps, but not the trust. An exception to that might be if...
  3. Calculation of Support: Re: How to Determine Legal Duty for Prior Born

    The online child support calculator for Indiana does that for you.
  4. Civil Rights Issues: Re: What Are the Laws Regarding Public Speaking in a City Like NYC

    Generally yes, but if your crowd is going to be big enough that it might impede the rights of the public to use or pass through the area you might be required to get a permit first.
  5. Calculation of Support: Re: How to Determine Legal Duty for Prior Born

    In the Indiana child support calculation that means that you include either child support you are already paying for another child in that spot, or you include legal financial obligations you have...
  6. Ownership Rights: Re: Shared Driveway Rights of a Squatter Living in a Foreclosed Home

    Here is your problem. They are squatters living in a home that does not belong to them. No matter what you say to them, they are not going to stop using the driveway. You can forbid them all you...
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    Child Care: Re: Can I Get Custody of My Baby Sister

    If you were older, and both of the child's parent were gone, then you might possibly have a chance for custody or kinship placement. However, you are not and as long as the child has living parents...
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    Re: How can I terminate the parental rights of my daughter, who abandoned her daughte

    You really cannot do it without an attorney. It's too complex of an issue, legally. You can get legal custody without an attorney, but terminating her parental right and adopting is an entirely...
  9. Rental Agreements: Re: Landlord Has Not Provided Us with Renewed Lease Copy

    If the landlord did not provide you with a new lease then the language in the previous lease would be important as to the water bill.
  10. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    Anybody can sue anyone for anything. The question is whether or not they could win. In this instance I still think that he might have been lying to you to control you. Your audio documentation...
  11. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    If you are truly worried that he is not safe to be operating on someone then yes, you probably should report him to the medical board. However, if he is just saying that kind of stuff to you to...
  12. Re: Divorce Husband Refuses to Sign Papers and Show Up to Court

    You don't need his signature or need him to show up in court to get divorced. It is a little more complicated (it becomes a contested divorce) without his signature, but you do not need it.
  13. Re: Trading in an Older Vehicle but Need a Title Replaced

    Getting a proper bill of sale of the car to the dealership should help with that.
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Easement Rights and Understanding

    Correct. They cannot do many of the very specific rights they have been granted without being able to enter the surface of the property.
  15. Registering a Vehicle: Re: Daughter Moving to New Hampshire from Ny. Insurance and Registration

    I think that you should talk to your agent. The car is only going to be in NH temporarily and is allowed to be there without registering it there for 60 days. Since 60 days is the amount of time...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: My Garage is on an Granted Easement

    That is why you need to consult a local land use attorney. In my personal opinion it would be necessary for the dominant tenant to prove that your garage impeded their ability to use the easement as...
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    Trespass: Re: Neighbors A/C Unit on My Property

    Harold, I am going to say this once and once only. We do not contradict people who give accurate advice. We do not exaggerate, we do not mislead, and the only people we put down are the ones who...
  18. Re: Daughter Graduated College, Workin/Moving Out of State. 2020 Dependent Stimulus

    No, you only get to deduct interest that someone actually paid. No one was paying on the loans, so no interest was paid.
  19. Re: Parking Ticket on a Beach Municipal Parking Lot

    I don't clearly understand why you got the ticket. Was it because it was a parking lot for the beach and the beach was closed, or was it for some other reason? "Prohibited area" could mean a lot of...
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    Re: Part Ownership

    And to the casual observer, it might occur that you had nothing of importance to say, but needed to get your "I'm a total jerk" fix in anyway.
  21. Settlement: Re: What Exactly Qualifies As "Tender Payment" when It Comes to Settlement

    At some point however, if it is not moving, its going to be considered to be lost. Unless someone contacts the post office and initiates an inquiry, nothing is going to get done to declare it lost...
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    Re: Is Driving a Privilege or a Right

    The sad part is that you believe that, even after an attorney here has shot you down multiple times...with real case law, not your pie in the sky stuff. Based on what you have posted so far, you...
  23. Re: Im on Disability for Kidney Failure. Can I Still File for Pandemic Unemployment

    Your sister might end up paying back some SSDI however for the period of time that she collected $600.00 a week. Assuming that she collected the 600.00 a week.
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    Re: Pa State Registration Suspended....

    In that case, you should be able to register the new car if you provide adequate proof of insurance on the new car.
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    Re: Part Ownership

    A real estate attorney would have to review the deed to be certain that ownership wouldn't pass to the other siblings should you pass away. The fact that you might predecease your dad wouldn't...
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