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  1. Ownership Rights: Re: Is Parking in a Public Culdesac Illegal

    I said use common sense. You obviously don't have any since you want to escalate the hostilities with the lunatic. Keep doing what you are doing. Take your pictures. Report what you want to report to...
  2. Ownership Rights: Re: Is Parking in a Public Culdesac Illegal


    But you obviously pissed off a lunatic.

    Report to who or what?

    You're a stranger in the neighborhood. Nobody's going to take your complaints seriously. And if somebody damages your...
  3. Deductions from Pay: Re: Imposing a Penalty for Not Following Company Policy

    I've lived in AZ for over 40 years and I've never heard of any laws prohibiting the practice you describe. However, your daughter would be wise to run this by the AZ Dept of Labor or an employment...
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    Harassment: Re: Ex-Wife/Boss: Tolerate/Stay or Go

    I've been wondering why this thread has been kept alive so long so I read back over all the posts and just have a few brief comments:

    1 - This is not a labor law issue and never has been. You...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Botched Vasectomy

    There is no "try" there is only sue or not sue. That's up to you. Isn't likely to be "them." It would be the doctor who performed the surgery. And there could be additional amounts above just the...
  6. Denial of Access: Re: Can D.C. Landlord File Emergency Motion Without Providing Proof of Emergency to M

    The LL might not have to. LLs generally have a right of entry for emergencies, often with little or no notice, and without your presence or consent if the emergency is serious.
  7. Applying for Unemployment: Re: Mistakenly Filled Out Certification Forms

    Any chance you can get through to the EDD by phone and find out what to do?
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    Unemployment Benefits: Re: Unemployment /Pua

    Now you know what a bad idea it was not to declare those cash earnings.

    You have at least another month to file a tax return for 2019, declare your cash income, pay the tax, and likely be eligible...
  9. Re: Could Someone Go to Jail if He or She Gives His or Her Account

    You'd better close that account and put your money elsewhere lest he cleans it out.
  10. Title Ownership: Re: Unable to Obtain a Copy of an Auto Title

    Here's how you get a duplicate title in Colorado:
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    Re: Move Out Fees for Carpets

    Dirt that can't be cleaned is damage, not wear and tear, and you owe for replacing it. 8 months from new is little or no depreciation.

    If it's already been replaced all you can do is demand...
  12. Denial & Appeals: Re: What Can Be Considered Fraud and What Proof is Needed

    Save a copy to another document in case it happens again.

    I believe it.
  13. Sale and Deficiency: Re: Misrepresetation False Advertisement Vehicle Purchae from Copart

    If you bought the car sight unseen you're going to have to read your purchase contract. If you bought it as is then there is probably nothing you can do besides hire a tow truck and get it to a...
  14. Denial & Appeals: Re: What Can Be Considered Fraud and What Proof is Needed


    Are you an employer?

    Or did you get denied benefits and you want to rat out others who got benefits?
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    Applying to Rent: Re: Total Move in Fees and Amenities

    Agree. Shady tactics (legal or not) should be revealed.

    Of course not. He's got plenty of suckers that will do it his way.
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Step Parent Adoption

    You're here, too. Sigh.

    The answers won't change from the other sites that have already provided responses.
  17. Re: How to Respond to a Demand for Payment Email I Don't Owe

    Does this thread have anything to do with your previous thread?

    If it does:

    1 - You should have just...
  18. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    Ay, there's the rub.

    I have bought and sold a considerable amount of cars in the past 40 years. I have often jumped titles and skirted dealer licensing laws. For the volume of vehicles sold by the...
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    Re: Vacation Denial

    I don't see where the employer's procedure is breaching the contract so if you aren't happy with the procedures you renegotiate the contract at the next opportunity.

    I'm with you on that and I...
  20. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    Of course they do. Ever hear of Al Capone. He went to prison for tax evasion because the government couldn't tie him to any of his other illegal activities.

    You are seeing what isn't there. I...
  21. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Dispute Over Commissions - Illegal Business Says He Doesn't Have to Pay

    So, you're an accessory to illegal activities.

    Yeah, really.

    Don't think so. Contracts for an illegal purpose are typically unenforceable. The purpose of the agreement was to circumvent...
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    Regulations and Procedures: Re: Appeal to Health Officer

    You could but I doubt that you will succeed with a technicality. Courts are being very liberal when it comes to delays thanks to the virus crisis. Your court may very well excuse the neighbor's...
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    Re: Vacation Denial

    That would certainly "unduly interfere with the operation of the Authority."

    I don't get it. What's the difference between one paid vacation day and one paid time off day?

    I'm still not...
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    Re: Liability for Selling Used Stuff

    The general rule is that you would be liable if your negligence caused the injury or damage.

    Now let's look at your examples.

    More than likely would be a manufacturing defect and not your...
  25. Victims Rights: Re: Can I Sue the Sheriffs Deparment for Failing to Do Their Job

    You can, but you'll probably be wasting your time and lots of money as the authorities have discretion in how they handle investigations and also have sovereign immunity to a great extent.

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