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  1. Retailers: Re: Novel Legal Cause of Actions for Consumer Rebate Fraud or Malfeasance Extreme Del

    Nope. It's a simple breach of contract. All you get to sue for is your $150.

    I learned a long time ago not to buy anything with a mail-in rebate. I can usually find the same or similar item...
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    Re: Immigration and Natural Disasters

    Brazil is an incredibly large country. I'm sure that there are safe places in Brazil where your family can stay and not jeopardize their immigration status.
  3. Re: Considering 10% Partnership for Small Business

    I can't tell you how many hundreds of expensive tales of woe included that statement.

    Make sure you have a lawyer review everything before you agree to anything.

    You may be good as a general...
  4. Re: New Jersey Traffic Law Interpretation- Passing on the Right

    I suggest flashing your lights as the "other warning device."

    Horn honking ticks people off.
  5. Re: New Jersey Traffic Law Interpretation- Passing on the Right

    Yes. I think you are not old enough to know what a "street car" is.

    39:4-39 might give you a hint:

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    Co-Ownership: Re: Tenants in Common


    You would have to sue for the money in small claims court.
  7. Social Security Issues: Re: Grounds for Appeal of SSI While I Worked Part Time

    No, not entirely.

    Read this:

    But you will have to deal with the deductions.
  8. Water Runoff: Re: Is Neighbor Responsible for Water in Basement from Pushing Snow into My House

    And have you told him to stop doing it?
  9. Home Insurance: Re: When My Condo Coverage is Not Enough to Cover the Predicted Displacement, Etc

    You're welcome.

    Please feel free to come back to this thread if you have any questions about the progress.
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    Civil Rights Issues: Re: A Class Action

    That you believe that you win by default when nobody opposes you is a delusion that requires psychiatric help.
  11. Re: Equal Protection of the Law for Unemployment Compensation

    Posting Hx, folks.
  12. Home Insurance: Re: When My Condo Coverage is Not Enough to Cover the Predicted Displacement, Etc

    Nobody is ever "made whole" so quit thinking about it and get busy mitigating your losses ASAP. The longer you wait the worse it gets, the more money it costs you and the less money you get back.
  13. Re: To Prove Ownership of My Firearm That Was Taken After a Accident for "Safekeeping

    I scan all mine to my computer and back up drives. Easy to recover if something happens to the paperwork.
  14. Re: To Prove Ownership of My Firearm That Was Taken After a Accident for "Safekeeping

    No. I don't see the authorities doing anything wrong by requiring proof of ownership. What would you do if it had been stolen and your insurance company required proof of ownership?

    Talk to a...
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    Re: Felon Landlord

    Nothing in the landlord tenant statute allows you to break the lease without penalty.
  16. Nuisance: Re: Hazardous Rocks at Edge of Driveway by Property Line

    My guess would be spam since the address is to a law office.
  17. Re: Check Made Out to the 'Estate Of.' Bank Won't Accept Small Estate Affidavit to Op

    You might need to get appointed by the probate court as representative of the estate and get an EIN from the IRS.

    Or, try another bank.

    (Crap, I did it too.)

  18. Re: Law Firm is Playing Games with Me, How Do I Proceed

    Delay is the deadliest form of denial.

    Face it, you're not getting any money back and it'll cost you more to sue, if you get a lawyer, than the amount at stake.

    If you sue in CA they are likely...
  19. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: What to Do if Someone is Suing You for a Possible Dog Bite and Story is a Lie

    I quit reading after the first couple of sentences.

    Turn this over to the insurance company you had when it happened and hope you don't get left out in the cold if you didn't report it when it...
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    Disputing Debts: Re: No Way to Actually Dispute This Debt

    There's a lesson in there that everybody should learn about better record keeping. Computers have big hard drives, scanners are cheap and so are back up drives. There's really no excuse for not keep...
  21. Passing a School Bus: Re: Will I Get a Ticket for Cutting Off a Moving School Bus

    Will you? I don't know. My crystal ball is at the cleaners.

    Could you? Sure. What you did is called reckless driving. Could have gotten yourself and others killed.

    Learn to slow down and have a...
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    Sales Agreements: Re: Equipment Missing from Vehicle

    I think you can get a duplicate key made at Home Depot that'll work the doors and the ignition. You just won't have a second remote.

    You may have to be satisfied with that.

    It'll cost you a lot...
  23. Re: Transferring Ownership from Grandmother (While Remaining a Resident)

    Not necessarily. But it's something that should be evaluated ASAP.

    Here's one more. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. It's called a Transfer on Death Deed. Read about it in...
  24. Re: Transferring Ownership from Grandmother (While Remaining a Resident)

    Which brings us back to grandmother deciding what to do with the property and the "family" having nothing to do with it.
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    Sales Agreements: Re: Volkswagon Lemon


    The car will be sold at auction for a fraction of the loan balance and the lender will come after you for the rest. A voluntary repo is still a repo and will trash your credit and stay on...
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