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  1. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Refuses to Adequately Repair Hvac

    " I believe the temp inside the home is unsafe for me and my dogs but what qualifies as "unsafe" in this circumstance? "

    Well, you can call Code Enforcement who is likely to tell you that air...
  2. Thread: Why Me

    by gail in georgia

    Re: Why Me

    "The whole "have been married on paper" bit needs clarifying as well. "

    Why do I get the idea that the OP is a female?

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    Re: Best Way to Get Tenant Out

    An ironic statement considering your interesting posting history.
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    Re: No Insulation

    As jk has mentioned, some states do have requirements regarding temperature ranges for a rental unit to be inhabitable. These typically involve heat ranges during cold weather months, not AC but the...
  5. Re: Bought New House, Ac Has Refrigerant Leak

    "Most likely what happened was that the system was charged prior to the previous owner moving out knowing that there was a leak there."

    And you can prove

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    Breaking a Lease: Re: Can We Sue

    Before you consider suing keep a couple of things in mind...

    Ask yourself do they have the funds to pay any of this should YOU (yes, it would be up to you) to find them, serve them and actually...
  7. Applying to Rent: Re: Deny Application of Criminal History

    Much of this MIGHT depend on what these arrests were for (just as an aside I would not take an applicant who had been arrested 10 times for..whatever)).

  8. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Bad Tenant, Late Rent, Other Violations of Lease Grounds for Eviction

    1. Read up on the statutes for your state regarding the process of evicting a tenant for 1.failure to pay rent and/or 2. violations of a lease.

    2. Hire an attorney familiar with the process of...
  9. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Landlord Entered Premises Under False Pretense

    No there's nothing you can do about this and you have to right to demand anything including information regarding the showing.

    If I had a nickel for every "no show" I've had I would have, well, a...
  10. Rental Agreements: Re: Can Live-in Owner Terminate Lease for Turning Off Thermostat

    Just a suggestion...the low water pressure with the kitchen faucet may be due to nothing more than a clogged aerator at the end of the faucet. Most faucets typically have these and they can catch...
  11. Breaking a Lease: Re: Georgia Landlord Intent to Break Lease

    What type of lease do you currently have? Yearly or monthly?

    If a "tenancy at will" (i.e., a monthly lease) this can be easily terminated by the landlord (as well as a tenant) but requires a 60...
  12. Roommates: Re: Ex-Roommate Will Not Give Me My Security Deposit

    It's not up to us to decide this. It would be up to a court to determine the validity of both sides of this argument. We have no idea if the carpet needed to be replaced due to the urine odor or...
  13. Medical Malpractice: Re: Haldol Injection in Er

    Perhaps avoiding alcohol to the point of significant intoxication might be a better choice for you.

  14. Roommates: Re: Help. FiancÚ Got Kicked Out of Apartment by Roommate and More

    "Jean and Jerry both knew that my boyfriend was out of a job, but still had him added to the lease."

    Did the landlord/management agree to adding said boyfriend to the current lease or did the...
  15. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: Situation Involving Dog, Room Mates, Kids

    "So basically, if my room mate brings a kid in to the house, leaves the dog gate open, gives the kid food and leaves the kid unsupervised with my dog, and my dog bites the kid, and even though my...
  16. Pets and Animals: Re: 501c3 Animal Rescue Adoption Fee with Returned Dog - Refundable

    "with it being a donation to a non-profit. "

    You didn't "donate" anything. You paid an adoption fee for a dog that did not work out for your family. Such adoption fees don't begin to cover the...
  17. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Is an Eviction Legal Because of a Disagreement Between Landlord and Tenant

    "Should I just wait and allow him to evict me legally?"

    You do not want it to reach this stage. An eviction will remain on your credit history for an extensive period of time.

  18. Re: Can You Be Evicted After You Have Vacated the Rental Unit

    So, basically, this yoyo wants it all. He doesn't want an eviction on his credit history. And he doesn't care if he sued for owed rent/damages because he's 1. planning on filing for bankruptcy...
  19. Re: Can You Be Evicted After You Have Vacated the Rental Unit

    Of course they can. I've gone through with the eviction process myself with tenants have taken off, not paying their rent and sometimes breaking their lease. In some states, the eviction process...
  20. Security Deposits: Re: California Ll: How to Distinguish Between Wear and Tear and Damage Pics Included

    Keep in mind your rental property in in California, an incredibly TENANT friendly state. Walk on eggshells there when addressing normal wear and tear items versus damages. If you believe what your...
  21. Security Deposits: Re: Security Deposit Hasn't Been Refunded

    Or...possibly nothing (unfortunately) except a judgment against the landlord.

    Keep in mind that WINNING a lawsuit is only one step in the process. The court will, unfortunately, do nothing to...
  22. Cleaning and Repairs: Re: Tx - After 74mo Ll Charging $13,000+ for Pet Damage: New Paint, Carpet and Trim

    "I can prove my dogs with the alleged $14k pee fetish haven't peed once in the new house which also was occupied by dogs."

    This would not matter to a court.

    Neither would half the stuff you...
  23. Eviction Process: Re: Week to Week Rent Eviction Process in Pa

    1. No.

    2. Your state has no statute on the length of time required but the assumption would be that if pay rent on a weekly basis, you would provide at least a 7 day notice. It's your choice...
  24. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Demand for Damage on Age Old Floor

    This is not normal wear and tear and would not be repaired by a simple recoating. Be happy you are being charged only $500 for this repair.

  25. Traffic Accidents: Re: Travel Expenses to Testify at Injury Trial

    Depends on who does the subpoena. If the DA (as in a criminal case), it is not unusual that travel and, hotel expenses would be paid. We did this when I did volunteer work in Victims Assistance and...
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