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    Co-Ownership: Re: Crazy Facts - Tenants in Common Issue

    You ask what I think? With all due respect my thinking is that if it is customary of you to write in this awkward, cumbersome style that you ought to kick the habit.

    Secondly, I think an...
  2. Thread: Property Line

    by latigo

    Re: Property Line

    Twenty feet is a sizeable chunk of real estate so please DO NOT take your neighbor's survey for granted! Why not?

    Because there are a number of legally recognized circumstances and conditions...
  3. Thread: Filed Law Suit

    by latigo

    Traffic Accidents: Re: Filed Law Suit

    Some questions if you please.

    1. Why is it that in reading your much detailed post one is at a loss to find any mention of the timeline relevant to the two critical episodes; to-wit: Episode #1...
  4. Life Estates: Re: Beneficiaries of Life Estate Died Before the Owner

    I have a hunch how this mess came about, but given what we have it seems plausible.

    1. At some time in the past your sister owned the land in fee simple, meaning she owned the whole ball of wax...
  5. Discovery: Re: Georgia Civil Procedure: Which Discovery Documents Are Available to the Public wh

    What leads you to believe that pretrial discovery material is "filed with the court" ? In my state such material only becomes a matter of record if and when published during trial. Moreover if the...
  6. Criminal Records: Re: How Do I Know if My Case Was Dismissed with Prejudice or Without

    I fail to see where we differ as in essence I wrote:

    If the charge is a felony, a voluntary dismissal does not preclude refilling the same charges unless barred by the running of a statute of...
  7. Criminal Records: Re: How Do I Know if My Case Was Dismissed with Prejudice or Without

    Pay attention please. Unfortunately some people in here seem to be confusing an order dismissing criminal charges with those dismissing a civil complaint. And it ain't so! You'll not find any...
  8. Thread: Divorce

    by latigo

    Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Divorce

    If you are asking whether or not your ex wife can offset against your decreed 50/50 split of the proceeds of the sale of home a claim or credit that supposedly arose prior to the entry of the decree,...
  9. Business Management: Re: Can I Contact My Former Clients Customers and Report Their Scam

    For openers due a search engine on "tortious interference with contract".
  10. Reinstatement: Re: Refinancing a Car with Co Signer when Two People Live in Different States

    I suspect that you bought the vehicle for you son because he couldn't qualify for the loan. And with the understanding that he would stand for the loan payments or some of them. (Not uncommon.) And...
  11. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    Pardon me, but that is incorrect! What is honestly the norm in a standard or commonly used "Indiana Residential Lease" * is as follows:


    A. NOTICE. At least...
  12. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    Why do you continue to treat with these issues under the absurd premise that a fixed term lease - one having a beginning and an end - continues in perpetuity unless one party or another gives...
  13. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    Curiously how did you arrive at your circuitous concept that a lease that terminates by its own language (here in January) only terminates in January if the occupants "give proper written notice to...
  14. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    What frigging difference does it make as to why the occupants are not paying rent?

    The topic is whether or not the OP is liable for any rent accruing after the end of the written term. Do you...
  15. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    Being cognizant that substance always prevails over form I would say this:

    If it is true that, (a) you've never paid any rent called for by the use of the premises, (b) you've never occupied the...
  16. Thread: Squater

    by latigo

    Trespass: Re: Squatter lost appeal and now is requesting a rehearing, I need to block her

    Well here is where I am stuck.

    You tell us that the appellate court sustained the trial court's judgment awarding the subject land to you.

    If you won at both levels, why is necessary that...
  17. Contract Law: Re: Non Termination of a Contract in Case of Change of Management And/or Control

    You want to know how to draft an agreement between principal and agent whereby neither the principal nor its successors nor its assigns can terminate the agreement? (Forget about adding anything...
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: Why Do Lawyers Ask Their Clients

    You're hopelessly deluded, as in "trippin"! Plus, obviously starved for attention.

    I was brought up in a family of judges and lawyers and practiced law in federal and state courts for 40 plus...
  19. Debt Collectors: Re: Judgment Debtor Withdrew Cash and Spent Without Any Proof for Spending

    To begin there is nothing available through the civil court system authorizing you or your agents or any law enforcement agency to randomly "check" the debtor's residence, and/or office/storage...
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    Re: Settlement Without Lawyer

    What can you tell us about mechanics liens in the state of Louisiana and the implications and consequences to the property owner?

    Not much I suspect. So don't be so foolish as to think that you...
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    Title Defects: Re: How Do I Acquire Squatters Rights

    Acquire ownership by "squatter's rights"? Sorry, but you'd be out before reaching the plate. Why? For one because of the following:

    "In no case shall adverse possession be considered established...
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    Re: Rental Co Signer Wants Out

    Did you really need to ask if there is a means of avoiding the responsibilities under the lease. Unfortunately the only way out is with the landlord's consent. Sorry for your financial straights.
  23. Disputing Debts: Re: The DOR Released a Judgment Lien for Court Fees Several Years Ago and Now

    Your question appears to place you in the same ilk as some that naively think that when a bank rights off a bad loan that it spontaneously acquits the debt.

    I don't know what if any periods of...
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    Re: Won Without Court

    That just goes to prove that there is some goodness amidst all the badness.

    Then again it might not be all that virtuous were the landlord mindful of the following sentiment:

    "When you to into...
  25. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Small Claims Court for Unpaid Family Law Bills

    As has been mentioned the family court has exclusive jurisdiction with respect to the enforcement of its orders. Moreover a small claims court has no jurisdiction whatsoever with respect to such...
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