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  1. Re: Energy Usage Due to Hidden Malfunction

    If you are feeling generous give him a discount on next month's rent.
  2. Traffic Accidents: Re: Pain and Suffering Allowance After a Moderate Traffic Incident — P I Firm or Not

    How bad do you really think it is? Have you missed time from work?

    If you decide you want to sue, get a lawyer. If you are really injured you need to see a real doctor.
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    Premises Liability: Re: (How) Should I Respond Now

    The longer you go without medical treatment the less chance you have of being able to prove that it was caused by the fall at the store.

    The fact that you haven't yet received medical treatment...
  4. Traffic Accidents: Re: Pain and Suffering Allowance After a Moderate Traffic Incident — P I Firm or Not

    Just t be clear. Has he seen you about the injury?
  5. Re: Energy Usage Due to Hidden Malfunction

    You fixed the problem quickly once the tenant told you about it so, l don't think there is any reason to think you would be on the hook legally.

    How much are we talking about and how much is the...
  6. Getting Fired: Re: Paternity Leave Problems (Threat of Termination)

    How long have you worked there?
  7. Traffic Accidents: Re: Pain and Suffering Allowance After a Moderate Traffic Incident — P I Firm or Not

    If you have ongoing pain you really need to see a doctor. One with M.D. after their name. Because at this point you have no idea what is wrong with you.

    Virtually all personal injury law firms...
  8. Re: Agent Agreement for Selling Home in Probate

    When the real estate agent rightly suggested you ask a lawyer he did not mean to ask on an internet forum.

    Contact a local lawyer.
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    Probation and Parole: Re: Sentencing, Sealing and Adjudication

    You really need to contact a Florida attorney. This will not be a DIY matter.
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    Re: USA Court Decision

    Also, if a UK citizen has assets in the US action against those assets could persued.
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    Filing a Complaint: Re: Car Towed Illegally and Damage Occurred

    Of course, you can file suit. Anyone with the filing fee can file a suit.
  12. Speeding Tickets: Re: First Ticket Ever, Could I Really Have My License Suspended (Pa)

    You were just a mom driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

    That said, here is the law and, more importantly, the penalty.

    According to this...
  13. Thread: Help

    by PayrolGuy

    Re: Help

    Blue popsicles. You have to be specific when talking about the law.
  14. Re: Patient Profilings Caused Me My Career After Pointless Surgery

    You need to speak to a lawyer. Preferably a (or a firm that has both) medical malpractice and personal injury specialist.

    You really aren't in a position at this point to make the decision which...
  15. Re: Pennsylvania - if I Fail to Pay a 10 Day Limit on a Citation, What Happens
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    Establishment: Re: Request of No Contact- Extent

    Associated friends can call the police all they want. They don't have to allow F-1 at their home.
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    Re: How to Keep Copies of Important Emails

    There are many ways to do that. Print the email as a PDF file and save the file either on your computer or on a remote server.
  18. Re: Caught Shoplifting but Wasn’t Arrested


    This thread is several weeks old and already marked as a duplicate thread. Please try not to raise stuff like this from the dead.
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    Establishment: Re: Request of No Contact- Extent

    What do you mean by "my network?"

    Is what legal?

    You need to clarify just about everything in your question.
  20. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Ticket for VC 21461 for Something More of VC 21656

    Unless the officer states that he was actually charged with the correct offense and he failed to move into the right lane.
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    Moving In: Re: Reservation of Apartment Not Honored

    I tend to agree with you. How did you pay for the deposit? How many times have you tried to contact the owner and how?
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    Re: Reasonable Accommodation

    And you live in one that seems to lack reading comprehension. It does the OP no good to make stuff up to skew a thread to your distorted world view. The OP is a county employee. It is much more...
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Getting an Order Clarified

    It most certainly is. Though the outcome might or might not be something you are happy with.
  24. Copyright Law: Re: Copyright Live Comment of a Tv Journalist

    Glad we could be of help.
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    Libel: Re: Libel Not Made Public

    Ron you need to borrow some ''' and ttt?

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