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  1. Copyright Law: Can You Make Your Own Audio Book Using Another Author's Book

    I'd like to make an audio book based off of a book that I like with my own voice and post it to YouTube. Legal?

    If not, can I make a podcast of me analyzing the book after I read the book first?...
  2. Traffic Accidents: Should You Settle or Arbitrate a Personal Injury Claim

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

    I got in an accident 11 months ago. I will give you the facts of the accident.

    Damage to my car was $7k
    Damage to...
  3. DNA Testing: Can You Get a Maternity Ward Paternity Test Without the Mother's Consent

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: California

    As the "father", before the birth certificate is written, is it possible to request a paternity test without the mothers consent?
  4. Copyright Law: Re: Former Employer is Using Videos That I Made Without Permission

    No it was clear from the beginning. We agreed on an initial amount and then he said he couldn't pay that. Our new agreement involved him paying 20% plus additionally for the use of videos (that I do...
  5. Copyright Law: Former Employer is Using Videos That I Made Without Permission

    I was hired by a company to make videos for their website. Our agreement was they were able to use the videos as long as I was working for them (working for them, but still a 1099). Furthermore the...
  6. Purchase Contracts: Are Commercial Laundry Machines Considered Permanent Fixtures

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: California

    I'm looking to buy a property that has one tenant who is a laundromat. There is nothing in the lease contract as to who...
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