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  1. Medical Malpractice: Re: Doctor Abruptly Threatening to Stop Prescription of Pain Medication

    I work for a doctor in Texas and what your doctor is telling you is the truth. He is not directing it directly at you but to all of his patients that take habit forming medications. The DEA is...
  2. Collection and Enforcement: Re: What Are the Consequences of Non-Payment of Support

    Thanks for your input,
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having similar issues. It's very frustrating when my husband and I are working so hard to support the children. We only want what is best for...
  3. Collection and Enforcement: What Are the Consequences of Non-Payment of Support

    My question involves child support in the State of: Ohio/Texas

    My Ex husband is currently several months behind on his child support for our 2 children. I spoke with a lawyer and he recommend that...
  4. Modification of Custody: Re: Non Custodial Parent Issues/ Removal of Visitation and or Rights

    Thanks for your input.

    Supervised visitation would do us no good. My ex doesn't even bother to call his children like he is supposed to. It is hard on the children when he pops in and out of their...
  5. Modification of Custody: How Can You Remove the Other Parent's Visitation Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Ohio/Texas

    My ex husband and I were divorced in Ohio in 2008 and I was named the residential and custodial parent for our two children...
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