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  1. Entry of Judgments: Re: Can Magistrate Judge Decide Grant or Dismiss a Motion

    1 - I don't know how you arrived at that conclusion based on the code you cited.

    2 - Obviously the magistrate judge can make those statements because he did make them.
  2. Non-Performance and Breach: Re: Contractor (Indiana) Left Job Incomplete for Over 60 Days

    This is why I never pay contractors up front.
  3. Replies

    Re: Noise Complaint

    Well, if you bought your house knowing that "There is a large business ( 200+ acres) behind my property" then you should have expected the inevitable expansion and noise.

    I guess you can...
  4. Re: Floor Noises from Above in a Newly Constructed Condo

    "I was told" and "I trusted." Two of the most dangerous phrases in the English language.

    Carefully read your warranty.

    I doubt that a noisy neighbor is covered.

    I have no answers for you...
  5. Re: Ticketed for Displaying Previous Owner Registration Sticker


    You're a car dealer. You should know better.
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    Collection Lawsuits: Re: Am I a Victim of Predatory Lending

    No. You knew you weren't qualified. The lender figured the lot was worth the loan. You should have read the application before you signed it, and kept a copy. Without that you have no evidence of...
  7. Transfer of Title: Re: What Are My Options when a "Dealer" Sells Me a Car with a Salvaged Title Unknowin

    Text messages?

    Iffy (but not impossible) when it comes to using text messages in court.

    You can study up on it by reading the information in the following search results:
  8. Thread: Legal

    by adjusterjack

    Education Law Issues: Re: Legal

    Probably not.

    I don't see anything in your post that indicates that you had the written agreement of somebody in authority that your payment would be accepted as full and final. You made an...
  9. Transfer of Title: Re: What Are My Options when a "Dealer" Sells Me a Car with a Salvaged Title Unknowin

    Sorry, you got scammed by a low life. You had plenty of opportunity to see it coming.

    That should have set off alarm bells right there.

    Too late.
  10. Online Services: Re: How to Find Someone’s Real Identity, if He Uses a Fake Name

    Hire a private investigator.
  11. Hiring a Lawyer: Re: 16 Year Old 4th Violated and Damage Done

  12. Judgment Issues: Re: Default Cut Off Defendant's Right to File Motions to Dismiss a Case

    In a way that's correct but it's not the whole story.

    If the defendant fails to respond to the summons, the default isn't automatic, the plaintiff has to file a motion asking for a default...
  13. Hiring a Lawyer: Re: 16 Year Old 4th Violated and Damage Done



  14. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Guardian Ad Litem Appointed for No Reason

    Sorry, you can't stop this. All you can do is keep fighting until she quits or your son becomes an adult.
  15. Service Providers: Re: Dirtbike Warranty from Third Party Provided from Dealership

    You bought a warranty policy from a third party seller. Seems to me that it's not the dealer's problem. It's between you and the warranty company.

    Did you read the warranty? Do you know what it...
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    Libel: Re: Falsely Accused of Paying for

    Don't bother and don't lose any sleep over it. People ignore that kind of tripe. It's not going to harm your business.
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    Re: Foriegn Ownership of Interstate 10

    Really? Who did we fight? Other than the British, Germany, Japan, Italy, North Korea, North Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, American Indians, various countries in the Middle East, and each other (American...
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    Rental Agreements: Re: Are My Dates Valid on My New Lease

    Let's see if I have this straight.

    You moved in to the unit 1 June 20018. Well, that can't be right. 20018 is almost 18,000 years from now. Maybe you mean 1 June 2018 on a 12 month lease and when...
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    Re: What Do I Do About This Debt?!?!

    You don't have to do anything until and unless he files a challenge with the bankruptcy court. If he does that, then you talk to your bankruptcy attorney.

    You aren't going to jail so stop...
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    Re: What Do I Do About This Debt?!?!

    They can SAY anything they want. It's proving it, with EVIDENCE, that counts.

    By the way, your vendor would have to file something with the bankruptcy court to challenge the discharge of the debt...
  21. Divorce: Re: What Date Does Social Security Go by to Claim Deceased Ex Husband's S.s

    I found this:

    Look up your divorce's "docket" on the court's website.

    Come back and report the results.
  22. Mediation and Arbitration: Re: Arbitration Award Being Ignored and Courts Still Tryiong to Evict

    Look how well that's going.
  23. Background Checks: Re: Hired Before Background Check Complete then Fired

    No surprise there.
  24. Re: Water Line on My Property Broken by City Worker. Who's Liable

    That's not necessarily true.

    It would. But if you can't get through to anybody tomorrow you spend the weekend without water.

    It's up to you.

    But if you let the contractor do the work...
  25. Medical Malpractice: Re: Medical Malpractice or Wrongful Death

    Pick a big law firm with lots of lawyers. Explain what you have explained here and ask to be referred to the appropriate lawyer.
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