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  1. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Towing Company Refuses to Accept Legal Tender (Pennies)

    It does appear that you did this intentionally to cause problems. Now you have a problem, don't you?
  2. Slander: Re: When Somebody Lies to Police

    I have filed at least three Order to Show Cause. The judge gave the younger brother 10 days in jail on the first one I filed. I had video footage of them poisoning my plants.

    The next two I...
  3. Slander: Can You Sue Somebody for Lying to the Police

    My question involves defamation in the state of: New Mexico

    Two fifty something year old men live next door to me and have been throwing rocks, debris, glass, dog poop, etc, in my yard and at my...
  4. Chapter 13: Re: Social Secirity Disability Retroactive Monies Garnishable in New York State

    When you borrow money and don't pay it back, late fees, interest and associated costs run your balance up. It's all explained in the fine print.

    When you use a credit card it may feel like you're...
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