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    Chapter 13: Re: Complex Bankruptcy

    As a guy who was also raped by the legal system I only have this advice: It will get better.

    I completely understand you using the term "rape" to explain how you were treated by the family...
  2. Roommates: Re: Got Roommate from Bait and Switch is Not on Lease and We Are Not Landlords

    Is there any documentation of him (or his friend who was originally going to be the roommate) paying you rent, or any documentation of an agreement?

    If I were in your shoes I would get a...
  3. Rental Agreements: Re: Landlord Has Not Provided Us with Renewed Lease Copy

    You can go back into DocuSign and see/print out your lease.

    I'm also confused about the water bill. It seems that you have HAD a lease that required you to pay utilities, so I assume the water...
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    Recovery of Premises: Re: Tenant Agreed to Move Out, then Doesn't

    The owner isn't an idiot for selling his first house while assuming tenants will move out. People do that all the time.

    I am not an attorney and not familiar with Illinois laws, but I do own...
  5. Re: Liability Concerns for Dpoa Who Sold a Boat That Might Have a Lien on It

    Weird. No links or foul language. I guess I will just try to partition it out.

    If there was no notice of lien sent, then he wasn't properly served one.

    Mechanics liens can also...
  6. Re: Liability Concerns for Dpoa Who Sold a Boat That Might Have a Lien on It

    I have posted two lengthy replies to this, both times I replied it said that the replies had to be reviewed by a moderator. At top of page I see that there are 5 posts here, but I only see my...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Botched Vasectomy

    Do you ever make a mistake on your job? Not a negligent mistake, not a stupid mistake, but just make a mistake? What would you do if you could be sued for every mistake you ever make at work?

  8. Liability Concerns for Dpoa Who Sold a Boat That Might Have a Lien on It

    I'm DPOA for my father (age upper 70s, slipping rapidly)

    He paid for a boat in 2015 (despite my advice not to), bill of sale went to me because I was able to insure it much cheaper than he would...
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