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  1. Transfer of Interest in Home

    Ok, so I did a little research on the warranty deed, and it looks like I can get my hands on a warranty deed doc that I can execute and have recorded myself. (California law exempts single-filers...
  2. Simplest way to sell half of a home to the co-owner

    My friend and I own a home in which we both currently reside in California (for 7+ years) - both names on the title JTWROS. My friend is going to buy out my interest in the home, and will require...
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    Prescriptive Easement in California... big bummer

    Sigh... Thanks for the info. That's really going to make accessing our home site a problem. Looks like building is going to be far more expensive than we originally anticipated... (As an aside -...
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    Utility Company Extortion

    We own some acreage in California and are planning to build a home on a portion of the property. To access the home site, we will need to use a 25' long x 12' wide easement that we were deeded in...
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