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  1. Am I Being Harassed or Discriminated Against

    I have been written up by my employer for several reason which under the circumstances of the incidents i did not think i should have been written up. The last time i was written up was for calling...
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    Foreclosure: Remedies After Foreclosure

    My dad just received a letter from the courts stating that his home has been foreclosed on in Ohio.

    Are there any avenues to go about in having the courts reopen the case? My father barely speaks...
  3. Marriage: Re: Marrying a US Citizen

    A single DUI should not preclude your husband from getting his Permanent Residency. Also what needs to happen is that the previous paper work that your husband submitted, must have been submitted...
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    Eviction Process: How To Legally Evict a Roomate

    I just found out my girlfriend is cheating on me. We moved here to San Francisco from Ohio together. She never wanted to put her name on the lease so its just me on the lease. She's not going to...
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