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  1. Thread: Help

    by yyz0

    Re: Help

    A surviving spouse was mentioned in the original post, would any of this come back to fall on the spouse?
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    Transfer of Title: Re: Tell Me About Tire Temperature

    You'll probably have better luck with this question on a GearHead or Trucking forum than you will on a legal forum.
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    Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Harrassment on an Easement

    I suspect that Consumers power would be very upset if they showed up and found the easement blocked by parked vehicles which caused them to not be able to access whatever it was they came to do. It...
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    Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Harrassment on an Easement

    Of course without reading the description of the easement this is just a generality, but in 'most cases' of an ingress/egress easement while you still have the right to use your property you don't...
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    Re: Code Enforcement Chickens

    Google something like "how to get chicken keeping approved in my town" and you'll get lots of links on the suggested steps for getting chickens allowed via code changes.
    Many of the articles go...
  6. Re: Can a Passenger Get Ticket for Unattended Vehicle

    When you arrived at the vehicle alone, did you have keys to it and/or open the door?
  7. Speeding Tickets: Re: Must I Pay Speeding Ticket Issued in Private Property

    If it was pursued to this extent, I doubt the guard would need to take a day off since it is a work function that he would be attending to and not a personal issue. Similar to cops not taking a day...
  8. Traffic Accidents: Re: Loss of Use - Reasonable Substitute Car Value

    BUT, now your problem is finding a legal definition of "Similar property"!

    A Geo Metro could be considered "similar" to a Mercedes in that they both will get you from point A to point B warm safe...
  9. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Interlock Device Florida

    I'm missing where an interlock device will do anything for you at this point. You don't have a lic. so when would you use an interlock device? The interlock device is to ensure that you are sober...
  10. Maintenance and Repair: Re: Maintenance Requirements for Lane Owned by Neighbor

    Your post is a little short on the details of this 'lane' and in this case the details do matter!

    Which end of the 'lane' has access to the public street? Is it at your lower end or his higher...
  11. Parking Violations: Re: Private Lot “fines”

    To cover yourself if they proceed with the pursuit of this fine, I'd suggest returning to the lot and take multiple photos of the entrance with no sign visible. They may put up a sign just to...
  12. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Can You Sue an Estate for Delays in Distributing Assets

    Remember, it's not what you think is right or wrong, it's what you can convince your siblings to do or the courts force you all to do.

    Maybe it's time to take a step back and look at the numbers...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Easement. Law

    Ask the neighbor to show you their documented proof of what they are saying! Inform them that it is your land and you will use it as you please until they can show you that they have exclusive use...
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Unwanted Dog on Shared Property

    Have you asked your dad if he would allow a shock collar for the dog to control the barking? They do work to stop barking. Some are against them but they can help to control barking dogs.

    As far...
  15. Breaking a Lease: Re: Georgia Landlord Intent to Break Lease

    also, many times landlords in this type of situation have tried the option of offering "cash for keys" to get a tenant out on the landlords schedule.

    so if you have the ability to get out sooner,...
  16. Creation of an Easement: Re: Immediate Neighbors Using Our Road and They Are Mean

    Yes, the possibility does exist that they could legally gain the right to continue using your property.

    But, the lawyer is wrong in that they don't just get the right because of historical use. ...
  17. Traffic Accidents: Re: Accident

    Report it to your insurance company, they will handle it from there. This is what you've been paying your insurance company for all these years.

    It's very common for injuries to surface after...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: My Water Main Goes Thru Neigbors Property and a Tree Caused Leak Are the Liable

    Not really sure where you got that from the previous post. But yes, you can put your own utilities on your own property if it's possible even if you have another way via a utility easement.
  19. Long-Term Care: Re: Can You Appeal Being Kicked Out of Assisted Living

    My point was that if the assisted living can't provide the required care and you want someone to stay in the assisted living then it's up to you to provide the additional assistance whether that is...
  20. Long-Term Care: Re: Can You Appeal Being Kicked Out of Assisted Living

    That's an easy one!

    Do like we did for my MiL when she was in the same situation: Hire private duty aides to be with him 24/7, that way he'll get the care he needs separate from what the Assisted...
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    Unregistered Vehicles: Re: Vehicle Towed with Expired Tags

    Another suggestion: Have them contact the state motor vehicle department and explain the situation, he may be able to get a temporary inspection sticker that will make the truck legal to drive on...
  22. Disability and Elder Law Issues: Re: Proper Care for a Nursing Home Resident at Risk of Falling

    So is he "left sitting for 2hrs" or is he just the last one they move out of the dining room back to their room?

    There is a big difference. If it just takes them that long to clear the dining...
  23. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: Situation Involving Dog, Room Mates, Kids

    there is your problem in a nutshell!

    You are at the mercy of irresponsible people and there's not really anything you can do to change their behavior. Did you ever consider that their behavior...
  24. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Right of Way Status

    A ROW doesn't 'go away' from lack of use.

    But the problem you might have is if the current owners object to you putting in your driveway across their land. Yes, the ROW gives you the right to...
  25. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: Situation Involving Dog, Room Mates, Kids

    Get a dog crate large enough for your dog. whenever you are not with the dog put it in the crate.

    Get a padlock and lock the crate whenever the dog is in the crate.

    Problem solved!
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