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  1. Divorce: Re: Can't Find Spouse, How to Divorce in Washington

    What does your attorney advise? If you don't have one, then you honestly need to hire, or at least consult, one. when kids are involved, this is not a do-it-yourselfer.
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    Re: Out of State

    What are you suing for and where did the alledged offense occur?
    Small claims courts do not allow attorneys to represent you in most cases.
    No to the cost of airplane ticket, etc. Court costs and...
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    Probation and Parole: Re: Can I Get Off Probation Early

    Then you show up in person on your next reporting date, or before, and pose the question at that point.
  4. Auto Insurance: Re: How to Proceed when My Parked Car Was Hit

    You need to read your policy! That is where you will find out what you must pay in the event of an accident whether you occupied the vehicle or not. If you're unsure as to the stipulations, you might...
  5. Division of Assets: Re: Ex Husband's Girlfriend Using My Mailing Address

    She can't! She is not a joint owner of the property and even though she is your ex's girlfriend, she can lay no claim to the propery.

    Ask her to cease immediately and if she doesn't, you may...
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    Collection Lawsuits: Re: Statute Of Limitations For Medical Debt In Oregon

    I'm not a moderator on this site but when posting a question, please start your own thread. Out of courtesy, don't 'hijack' anothers.

    If the agency is claiming such a law, then ask them to provide...
  7. Application & Eligibility: Re: Man Passed Bar Exam - Rejected for 400K in Student Loans


    I agree completely - absolutely no arguement there! Yet there comes a time where dues must be paid - he knew that day was coming and it was going to be a biggie (IT 101 terminology ;))
  8. Prenuptial Agreements: Re: Prenumps Involving Parental Rights

    And the man has a noted SERIOUS internet sex addiction AND exposed you to STD's...Why are you taking the chance of having a successful marriage at this point, let alone bearing his child?

    The STD...
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    Re: My 30 Day Impound is Almost Up.

    You cannot retrieve it until you provide a valid drivers license, proof of insurance, AND proof of legal ownership. Since you're not the registered owner, the GF of the car dealer will have to...
  10. Re: Filing in Small Claims After the Defendant Moves Away

    As jk stated, you cannot alter the terms of the (written) contract. A verbal agreement is simply his word against yours and again, jk stated you'd need to make that arguement in court. At that point,...
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    Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Pa People with Felonies

    I don't see your question here. Are you asking if your wife can posess a handgun in the home where the two of you reside?

    Best advise would be for your wife to consult a criminal defense attorney...
  12. Application & Eligibility: Re: Man Passed Bar Exam - Rejected for 400K in Student Loans

    Don't you think that his ability to repayment of the loan, under the terms and conditions of the loan, should have come into play BEFORE forging ahead? He knows what is being lent him, and he knows...
  13. Re: What Should the Drinking Age Be in the U.S

    You assume correctly. That's my stance and always has been - it's simply 'my' opinion. There are strong arguments on both sides of this 'debate' but that's neither here-nor-there; the law is the law...
  14. Re: AT&T Installed Unpermitted Structure on Easement Violating City Zoning Ordinance

    I had attempted to get Uverse at my home. The junction 'box' was located 2,000 ft from my home. The connection from the box to the house can be no more, as was explained to me, than 4,120 feet. It...
  15. Pretrial Procedure: Re: Possible Sentence Reduction for Kansas Inmate

    No offense but with the 'disorders' as you have described, being admitted to a mental institution and most likely under care for these disorders; there is little, if any, chance of him being paroled...
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    Arrest Warrants: Re: Is "Failure to Appear" a Crime (Please Help)

    You appeared, the warrant was vacated, you plead to your case and paid the fine. That's pretty much it.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting Amount $300 at New Jersey

    You definitely need an attorney! You're looking at possible jail time and, at a minumum, several $$$ in fines and court cost, community service and probation.
  18. Re: What Should the Drinking Age Be in the U.S

    My day is done when I've pi$$ed you off; happy new year! I've got 365 days to think of something new. who loves ya'?
  19. Re: What Should the Drinking Age Be in the U.S

    LOL. My momma told me that this day would come :eek:
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Civil Demands at Urban Outfitters

    Mickey, dear dear Mickey,

    You shoplifted and admitted so on this site. whether you signed something or not is irrelevent at this point.

    Police were called and a citation issued - hence an...
  21. Re: Driving with No Lights in Darkness in Private Parking Lot

    Thanks Carl - I stand corrected regarding the public/private property distinction.
  22. Re: Driving with No Lights in Darkness in Private Parking Lot

    1. Parking in a plaza, as you did in Best Buy, is not, by law, a private parking area. It is public, and the laws apply. If you don't have your lights on after dusk, then you're in violation of your...
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    Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Traffic Circle Accident Both Ticketed

    Does the sign show (I'm sure it does), that you must exit in certain positions according to your entry? If so, and you did not, then the citation is valid. We have a few roundabouts here in MI, and...
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    Re: Back Child Support

    That's up to the courts but in all likelyhood, he'll continue paying the $700 (600 + 100) until the arrears are paid off; that is as long as he is capable of paying that amount.
  25. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Accidental Shoplifting

    As LawResearchMissy stated, follow your attorney's advise. You attempted to leave the store, intentional or otherwise, with merchandise you did not pay for; Shoplifting. Having a 'clean' background...
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