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    Re: Accident While on Restricted License

    Are you saying you were driving in violation of the restrictions?
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    Other Issues: Re: Being Sponsored

    Yes, she needs to make 125% of the poverty level for the size household involved. If it's just the two of you, that's around $22,000 now I believe.

    While you technically can do this without a...
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    Non-Performance and Breach: Re: What Legal Recourse Do I Have

    Just because they haven't delivered doesn't necessarily make it criminal theft. Even if it was criminal, that won't necessarily get your money back.
    Georgia small claims is good up to $15,000. ...
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    Execution of Deed: Re: Remainderman and Life Tenancy Rights

    Your terminology is imprecise with 'added to the deed.'. If she deeded the property to you and your brother and retained a life tenancy, then she can't sell it. She can rent it out or otherwise...
  5. Motions: Re: Consequences of a Motion of Withdrawal by My Attorney

    We certainly can't venture into what your attorney's motivations are. My previous answer was a guess.

    Withdrawing from the case doesn't "let him off the hook" for any previous misconduct. ...
  6. Re: Non Custodial Took My Son to Get Driver's Permit Without My Permission nor Knowle

    The DMV should not have issued the permit. It takes the signature of the custodial parent (or both parents in the case of joint custody). A parent can revoke the provisional permit in...
  7. Motions: Re: Consequences of a Motion of Withdrawal by My Attorney

    The mere fact that your attorney withdrew won't be used against you, though the supporting reasons may. However, I don't see anything in the generic reasons stated that would give any cause.

  8. Thread: Deed

    by flyingron

    Re: Deed

    Now that we have the formalities out of the way, what is the question?
  9. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Can a Tenant Be Evicted/Arrested Immediately if the Unit is Not Legal

    If the space is so uninhabitable that the municipality condemns it, you can be kicked out without even an "eviction" process. Arrest isn't going to happen unless you persist and defying the legal...
  10. Divorce: Re: My U.S. Citizen Spouse Won't File My Immigration Papers

    I agree with AJ. If you putative husband isn't going to put forth the effort to adjust your status, you're in a world of hurt. You don't get any rights for just being married to a US citizen.
  11. Re: Local Impound Yard Won't Release My Vehicle Without a Current Inspection Sticker

    Is this a municipal lot or a private yard?
  12. Re: Exempt Employee Furlough Guidelines California

    What "year" they are in is largely immaterial. If they were back to back, then it would seem they should be treated as a termination under the commissioner's decision.

    As for the transfer to...
  13. Re: Exempt Employee Furlough Guidelines California

    There's no rule that says they can't reduce your salary below the exempt limit, it just means you cease to be exempt at that point (hence, due overtime, etc...). If they're furloughing you,...
  14. Estate Planning Issues: Re: General Questions About Wills, Trusts, and Personal Asset Management

    If you want to save time with the lawyer, gather up all the information on your assets and identities (names and addresses, etc...) of those who you might wish to designated authority to while living...
  15. Estate Planning Issues: Re: General Questions About Wills, Trusts, and Personal Asset Management

    The best thing is to get to an lawyer that handles estate situations. They can deal with wills, trusts, etc... that make sense for you.

    A living will is a common name for what is properly an...
  16. Security Deposits: Re: I Want to Recover Damages Associated to My Rental House

    If you have a contract with the property management company, it is they you likely should be suing. It matters not where their employee is today. What "broker" are you talking about?

    If more...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    I can guess that COUNT 1 was not DUI, but rather a so-called "wet" reckless as part of the plea deal. This allowed him to get the dismissal under PC 1203.4.
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    What does Ohio have to do with this?

    You plead guilty at trial. The court accepted it. You waived further speedy trial rights.

    Standard boilerplate. The court is just pointing out...
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    Transfer of an Easement: Re: Easement Transfer

    Easements, whether written into the property deed or separate usually run with the land. You'd need to bring all the documentation to an attorney (or let him search the recorded records) to know...
  20. Other Injuries: Re: Adult Child Living with Parents Auto Liability

    If he has his own car and his own policy, that is fine... until YOU drive the car. Most insurance companies will not treat this as casual use if you live in the same house. You should discuss this...
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    Re: Repossession Laws on Title Pawn

    It would depend on the contract between you and the lender.

    By "taking it out of state" are you talking about going on a trip, or are you moving or storing it elsewhere?
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    Re: Banks Accounts and Living Trust

    You have #1 right.

    Another advantage of using a trust (either #2 or #3) is not only does it mean you can change things by amending the trust, you can also set the trust up to have various...
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    Trusts: Re: Certificate of Trust with Address Change

    The mailing address is largely irrelevant. If you move to a different state, it would behoove you to have an attorney review things in light of the new location.
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    Closings and Escrow: Re: Taking New Title

    Legally there's no link between the names on the title and the names on the loan. The entity who is the owner is going to have to consent to whatever security instrument (deed of trust, mortgage...
  25. Passing a School Bus: Re: What Do You Do if You Are Charged of Passing a School Bus, but Didn't Do It

    Again, as my friend in the sign shows, legal GUILT has nothing to do with whether you committed an act. People plead guilty to things they didn't do all the time and are foung legally guilty. ...
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