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  1. Arrest Procedure: Re: California arrest and 851.6 (stating arrest deemed detention)

    Hello Mr Knowitall

    Thank you for replying.

    I did consult attorneys (3 different attorneys for second and third opinion) 1 of them says you should write NO as they may find a hit on your...
  2. Arrest Procedure: California arrest and 851.6 (stating arrest deemed detention)

    After my arrest, charges were dropped. Then I received a letter from arresting agency stating your arrest deemed not arrest but detention only as per CA PC 851.6. I was finger printed.

    There is a...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: How to negotiate a plea deal

    Hi Highflyer,

    You should consult a good attorney. They charged me with 243e1 but then later case was dropped (Miracle, My faith in God has deepened). I even got a letter saying 851.6 arrest not...
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