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    Tourist Visas: B-2 (Tourism) vs. K-1 (FiancÚ)

    I want my girlfriend from another country to visit me. However I hear the B-2 visa is impossible to obtain especially if the applicant isn't employed or have a large enough savings. A friend...
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    Computer Crime: Copying Content from Somebody's Smart Phone

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MD/VA

    To make long story short when my ex passed out one time and forgot to lock her phone, I managed to look into it, screenshot FB messages...
  3. Threats and Intimidation: Re: Reminding Ex About Homemade Porn Legally or Criminally Risky

    Even if I have ceased all contact since then, can she still sick the cops or a lawyer on me using that e-mail against me even months or years later? Does it make a difference too if we live in...
  4. Threats and Intimidation: Reminding Ex- About Homemade Porn in My Possession

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: VA

    I think I made a very dumb move. My ex contacted me several times since breakup. We even agreed to do joint counseling on neutral grounds....
  5. Loan Agreements: Getting Money From an Ex-Girlfrield for Covering Her Accident Damages

    This past June when I was riding with my girlfriend at the time, she accidentally backed into someone's pickup truck while trying to pull out of a parking spot. We stayed to talk to the truck owner....
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