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  1. Military Law Issues: Re: Publishing a Cac Card

    Asking about a SPECIFIC thing. The legality of sharing his card he provided. Not the ethics of some low-IQ white supremacist in the military. As in using the card for information gathering and for...
  2. Military Law Issues: Re: Publishing a Cac Card

    In the military it is, actually. The inability to divest yourself from your political beliefs (for example, communism or white supermacy) and espouse them while openly saying you are a member of the...
  3. Military Law Issues: Re: Publishing a Cac Card

    He's an admitted white supremacist in the Guard. He shouldn't be wearing the uniform to begin with. And once again, the Guard may not be able to do anything because he hasn't violated the way the...
  4. Military Law Issues: Re: Publishing a Cac Card

    The individual has blocked out the QCode as well as the first and last name on the card. Everything else is visible at the moment. The question is about the legality of reproducing the picture he...
  5. Military Law Issues: Can You Publish a Copy of Somebody's CAC Card

    Recently an individual has been found to be running a white supremacist podcast called Heel Turn. This individual claims to be a member of the National Guard and, despite me telling him not to, has...
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    Harassment: Doxxing and Harassment

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Massachusetts

    While my location is Massachusetts, the possible offenders are located out of state, and possibly out of the country.

  7. Online Services: Can You Do a Chargeback for Your Past Purchases if Banned fron an Online Service

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: N/A

    This is a long one, so bear with me. I'm going to provide background as best I can.

    In December 2017, an individual named Jeremy...
  8. Business Regulation: Re: Background Checks Question Wrt Volunteers/Contractors

    Part of what I've been told is that if a business owner is forced to take on the staff as pseudo-employees, then they can be held financially and legally responsible for crimes those people commit,...
  9. Business Regulation: What is the Duty to Perform Criminal Background Checks on Volunteers or Contractors

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Massachusetts

    I've been doing some research into this and received conflicting reports. Recently, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) made...
  10. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Company Constantly Fails to Provide Checks on Time

    So I called them on Tuesday after the check didn't arrive. Having dealt with this for months on end, I finally told them that this was unacceptable because I still hadn't receieved my check. The HR...
  11. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Company Constantly Fails to Provide Checks on Time

    We had to fill out a one-page paper with the relevant information, plus attach a voided check to show the account as well. I did this twice. As for the payroll service, it's done in-house using ADP...
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    Re: Violence at a Protest Rally

    I guess I'll chime in here, two months later (and a month after the most recent post).

    This woman was caught on camera throwing glass bottles at 'pro-free-speech' members, which exploded on impact...
  13. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Company Constantly Fails to Provide Checks on Time

    The checks arrive at the Providence, RI office and are sent to the New Bedford, MA office late Thursday morning/early Thursday afternoon, if we're lucky. Sometimes they aren't picked up until late...
  14. Compensation and Overtime: Employer Constantly Fails to Provide Paychecks on Time

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of:Massachusetts

    Having read Chapter 149, Section 148 of the MGL, I'm under the impression that the company is required to have checks...
  15. Banking: Re: Can a Bank Charge Overdraft Fees on a Debit Card if Instructed to Reject Overdraf

    I did. There's nothing in it regarding this overdraft practice, nor was there a mail sent as a change.
  16. Banking: Can a Bank Charge Overdraft Fees on a Debit Card if Instructed to Reject Overdrafts

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: Massachusetts

    My bank is Eastern Bank. I set up an account with them in the beginning of 2015, and at the time I opted for no line of credit...
  17. Rent and Utilities: Demand for Repayment of Rent Assistance Due to Landlord's Foreclosure

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Massachusetts

    When I originally moved in, I received assistance from a non-profit that helps in such areas. They paid two months of rent...
  18. Security Deposits: Re: [Massachusetts] Landlord Evicting Me

    It is a month-to-month rental agreement.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Let me try this way.

    I signed the rental agreement itself 01 July 2013. I had been living in the house since 08 April 2013. My...
  19. Security Deposits: Re: [Massachusetts] Landlord Evicting Me

    The notice she gave me is entitled "30 Day Notice to Evict Without Cause".

    As for hte payment, I paid the "last month's rent" of $550.00 last year. In September, she informed me that she would be...
  20. Security Deposits: Re: [Massachusetts] Landlord Evicting Me

    I have the rental agreement in writing, and it specifically mentions "first month" and "last month" as the only payments required to move in. Since I have paid those (and I have receipts for every...
  21. Security Deposits: Can the Landlord Treat the Last Month's Rent as a Security Deposit

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Massachusetts

    I moved into the room in April 2013. I paid the first month's and last month's rent as required. Last month I was told that she...
  22. Military Benefits: GI Bill Basic Allowance for Housing Suspended Due to College's Mistake

    I was recently removed from classes without being informed. I was not told until last night when I received a letter from the VA informing me that I was no longer eligible for BAH under the...
  23. Resignation: Re: Wage Deduction

    He doesn't know. He claims to have read through everything he signed, and would have brought it up had he seen something like that in the paperwork. I can't validate that he did. However, he also...
  24. Resignation: Re: Wage Deduction

    When he goes to pick up his check, if they cannot provide the paperwork he allegedly signed allowing him to do this, what should he do?
  25. Resignation: Problems Getting Final Paycheck After Resigning Without Notice

    My question involves business law in the state of: Texas

    A friend of mine recently quit without giving two weeks notice. He was unable to give it as the new job required an immediate 'yes' or...
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