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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Wrongfully Accused of DUI

    I find it hard to believe that you could not have a public defender. If thats the case I think your 4th amendment rights were violated and if the miranda rights were not read; "If you can not afford...
  2. Minor in Possession: Re: Possession Of Alcohol by a Minor (MIP) - No Contact with Alcohol Whatsoever

    You could always say you thought they (your friends were joking) I mean if you admitted to having prior knowledge, if not deny everything the court has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: Drunk in Public

    On your citation does it say disorderly conduct drunk in public. If so fight it your property is not public, however if it was a noise complaint you could be guilty of disorderly conduct disturbing...
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    Minor in Possession: Re: First Offense MIP Alcohol: Georgia

    They call it internal possesion of alcohol, and some states can charge you with minor in possesion just for having alcohol in your belly, for lack of a better word. It's so bogus soon they'll lock...
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