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  1. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    I wasn't asleep, I remember it. But nothing ever happened to me. I only got this email yesterday.
  2. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    Thanks. The password quoted was also my "low-priority" password, now (and for the past five years) used only for this site.
  3. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    So DAWW and bcr229, the emails you've been getting have included your passwords? (Again, I don't care about the threats in the email I received, it's the fact that he knows the password I use for...
  4. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    I wonder if it's that guy from down the street whose thread got locked - the one whose passport was being cancelled and who was freaking out at me for trying to explain some points about passport...
  5. Extortion: What to Do if You Get an Extortion Attempt

    OK so I just received an email message in my personal Hotmail account. The person sending the email started out with "I know your password is xxxxxxxx (redacted here)" and then continued to threaten...
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