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    Denial & Appeals: Re: EDD Appeal Advice Needed

    All you can do is tell the truth. There really are no tips, tricks, words to say to help your case...Just do what I did, Go in there with the evidence you can come up with and truthfully state your...
  2. Unemployment Benefits: Re: What Sort of Evidene Should I Bring to My EDD Appeals Hearing

    The employer not showing does NOT guarantee you a ruling in your favor, Rather It just helps your case..I don't understand why half of this stuff is even in question. If your unemployment benefits...
  3. Unemployment Benefits: Re: No Continued Claim Form Attached to My UI Check

    What do you mean marked X, and not having to fill out the back?
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    Denial & Appeals: Re: Do I Get Back Pay After Winning My Appeal

    For starters to answer your questions, They should start mailing your checks immediately regardless of the form stating the employer can even appeal that decision......HOWEVER, Your situation was the...
  5. Unemployment Benefits: Re: What do Notices About My Future Benefits Mean

    Ok, Let me break it down a little bit more.

    What happens when your on your 2nd payment with your 2nd extension, and you hit that 1 year mark of your original claim?

    Do they reopen the original...
  6. Unemployment Benefits: What do Notices About My Future Benefits Mean

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    Hi guys, I have a question for you all.

    I was on unemployment and my effective claim date was 11/29/08 and just recently...
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