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  1. Interstate Issues: Re: How to Prevent Out of State Vacation

    Such an RO typically extends only to relocating out of state, not taking the child on vacation.
  2. Modification of Custody: Re: First Call (Parenting Time)

    Mtxpro123 is looking at having parenting time reduced and/or restricted even further if he doesn't stop with his bs.

    No, really, OP - I'm talking to you, and I'm not kidding. Knock it off...
  3. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Mother Has Epilepsy and is Driving with the Kids

    Unless you have absolute carte blanche to arbitrarily decide when she can and can't get the kids, she's right; you are violating her rights. If you're that concerned, file to suspend...
  4. Defamation: Re: Creating a Glassdoor-Like Review Blog

    Perhaps you'd like to brush up on civics before embarking on this particular venture.
  5. Adoption of Children: Re: Relinquish My Paternal Rights

    There is no limit set on how long a stepparent must be married to the parent in order for a stepparent adoption to take place.
  6. Modification of Custody: Re: Joining the Military with Wife That Has Kids from Previous Marriage

    I wish we had a "like" button.
  7. Establishing an Order: Re: Divorce W Child, Sign Papers or Emancipation

    Your post is a little muddled. Let's see if I got this straight:

    You're going through a divorce. Your child lives primarily with the other parent. The other parent is threatening to move...
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    Support Arrears: Re: Bank Freeze for Child Support Arrears

    Exactly how far behind are you, and do you owe the state or the other parent?
  9. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: First Right of Refusal in Regards to Stepparents

    I agree. 2 hours is, frankly, unworkable in the real world. That really needs to be modified.
  10. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Counseling Requirements for Court

    You have an attorney. You really need to be talking to your attorney about this ... we cannot, and absolutely should not, be second-guessing your attorney.
  11. Relocation: Re: What Are the Odds

    Just make sure you really do have those nitty gritty details ironed out first. Who gets which holidays, which days of the week visitation begins and ends, who is responsible for pick up and...
  12. Domestic Violence: Re: My Husband Was Charged with a Dv 1, Cops Were Called Not by Me. What Should I Exp

    He should be speaking with his attorney. Have you sought help from victim services?
  13. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Americans with Disabilities Act Accomodation

    I'd like to add this link for anyone interested. It's an easy read and it includes what I think is important information to consider, concerning the results of double-blind studies.
  14. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Americans with Disabilities Act Accomodation

    The link you provided does not prove that you have been diagnosed with *anything*.

    For what condition do these attorneys believe you would qualify for disability?
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    Defective Products: Re: Microwave Injuries to Blood Cells

    (Yes, I actually took the time out of my busy day to watch the video)

    Son, you need to reassess and reaffirm your definition of the word "proof", because what you showed me there indicates...
  16. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Can I Withhold My Address to a Ex That Has 50% Legal if I Have 100% Physical Cust

    Not the wisest thing you've ever typed.
  17. Hindrance of Civil Rights: Re: Game Store Banned Me but Won't Say Why or Who

    Something tells me that the store has made no mistake here. None. Zero.
  18. Establishing an Order: Re: Child Support Served Papers to Wrong Person

    Are you saying that you and your girlfriend are not the parents of the child in question?

    Or that you are the father, and the state is requiring you to reimburse them for the time your...
  19. Relocation: Re: Can You Enforce an Agreement for a Parent's International Move

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    Defamation: Re: Suing My Ex-Wife for $1.1 Million for Lying in Family Court

    With regards to the links you posted, you really need to research further. In both cases there is FAR more to the story and the second story in particular appears to be deliberately...
  21. Modification of Support: Re: Can I Get a DNA Test 11 Years Later

    He's not?

    He wouldn't? Is he dreaming of playing Daddy without having the responsibility?

    He was an adult who knew he wasn't the biological father. And by "child's mother is...
  22. Modification of Custody: Re: Want to Move from California to Texas

    Just a minor clarification, but there is a presumption in favor of relocation in California; in other words, it's not up to Mom to prove that it is in the child's best interests ... rather, it's...
  23. Child Neglect: Re: My Son Mother is Concealing Him from Seeing Me

    Dad has EVERY right to request a welfare check on the child his ex is hiding away. He absolutely DOES NOT need to have a court order in hand to do so.
  24. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Ex Plans to Have Kids Spend Summer Parent Time with Their Grandparents

    Dad has every right to use his vacation time as he pleases - including sending them to live with one different relative every week, or all four weeks with his parents.

    Your sister does not have...
  25. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Can You Modify a Child Support Order for Past Periods When a Child Lived With You

    You will not be able to modify the order to include periods where the child lived with you in the past. You will be able to get a new order going forward, though it will likely be offset to...
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