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  1. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Non Custodial Parent No Longer Allowed on Property of Daycare Provider's Home/Day

    Have you looked at other daycare providers?
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Are Text Messages Admissible in Custody Court

    I expect it's tit-for-tat based on his other posts. Mum and Dad both seem to be acting like brats based on Dad's pxhx
  3. Obstruction of Justice: Re: Trespassing 2 and Obstruction of a Police Officer Citation

    They're on parole. Check post Hx
  4. Termination: Re: Can You Use Social Media Posts to Disprove Claims of Fear or Imminent Harm

    We'll now you're outright lying. If you block someone they cannot see anything you post and you cannot see anything they post even if they set the privacy options as public.
  5. Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Appeal of a Court's Decision on a Motion to Enforce a Divorce Judgment

    "And the attorney not only has a good reputation, but also recently awarded by the Bar Association"

    If that is the case, why are you here?
  6. Seat Belt Violations: Re: Ticketed for Child Not Safely Secured and Non-Use of a Car Seat

    It seems like you've been cited for both not having your child in an appropriate carseat and for not having them restrained by a seat belt.

    You may be able to get it reduced to just not having...
  7. Seat Belt Violations: Re: Right Turn at Red Light and Child Not Safely Secured

    Was your one year old "secured" with a seat belt or completely unrestrained?
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