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  1. Eviction Process: Re: Can Almost-Ex-Wife Call Cops for Access to Mother's House

    Has she filed a change of address with the post office?
  2. Public Health Issues: Re: Dsh or Dhsh Question Regarding Welfare Benefits and Suspension Due to Non Complia

    If you were approved for disability based on seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. You have severe mental health issues. Although it is possible you lost your disability because you are receiving...
  3. Public Health Issues: Re: Dsh or Dhsh Question Regarding Welfare Benefits and Suspension Due to Non Complia

    Obviously you have severe mental health issues. If you did not you would not have been approved for state cash assistance based on your mental health. If a,driver goes,over the speed,limit. They can...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Shutting Off Medication

    There are no guarantees a new doctor will prescribe this medication. Especially if drug abuse is suspected. A new doctor will more than likely request a copy of your sons medical records from his...
  5. Recovery of Premises: Re: Laws Around Non-Paying Tenant Living with You in Your Primary Home

    This person has no income? Did this person file for disability after their stroke ? Are you saying you have been the sole support for this person since 2017 ?
  6. Divorce: Re: What Date Does Social Security Go by to Claim Deceased Ex Husband's S.s

    Do you have a copy of your divorce decree ? Your divorce decree is what SSA requires when you file on a divorced spouses record. If you are not at least 62 or disabled according to SSA. You are not...
  7. Re: What is Legal in This Guardianship Case

    If you are being turned down for income based services due to your income. You need to look at how you are spending your money. You might need to move to a cheaper apartment. Perhaps sell one or both...
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Adoption of Child by Unmarried Person

    No judge will allow that.
  9. Thread: Help

    by Mercy&Grace

    Re: Help

    If you had adopted the child. The court would order visitation. They would also order you to pay child support. Same thing if you are the child's biological father. Outside of those two situations....
  10. Fraud: Re: Am I at Risk if I Unknowingly Was Included on a Fraudulent W-2 Form for Rental Ap

    Giving false information on some rental applications. Can be grounds for eviction.
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Too Old to Be Profitable

    Did your doctors write what they told you in your medical records? Chances are excellent they did not. Do not count on any doctor being willing to testify they believe this. Even if they told you...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Cps/Authorities

    Why are you routinely drug tested ? Are you being treated for substance abuse? Do you receive a prescription for opiates or ADHD,medication ? It is up to your doctor if he reports it to cps. Doctors...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Statutory Rape by an Uncle

    I hope the little girl is receiving professional counseling. The 20 year old needs it too. But at her age it is her decision.
  14. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    You actually believe a stay at home mom does nothing ? Only ignorant, self centered people believe that lie. But that describes you.
  15. Support Arrears: Re: My Kids Are Paying My (Their) Arrears to Keep Me Out of Jail

    I realize you said your children have no contact with their father. Unfortunately, their father is the only one that can release you from this. It might not hurt for your children to try and approach...
  16. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    Wouldn't this hearing be to determine if a Temporary Order is issued ? The next hearing would have her mother their to hear her side. It would also allow time for the OP to request subpoenas be...
  17. Establishment: Re: Is a Protection Order Likely to Be Granted

    There is nothing illegal about her telling people to take pictures of your children, come by to say hi, etc. If these things were done. It would not be your mothers responsibility. In situations like...
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    Education Law Issues: Re: High School Enrollment of a Minor

    If/when you are enrolled. Be sure and ask who should sign permission papers. For example permission to go on field trips and possibly graduation activities. I commend you for your strong desire to...
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    Re: Rights to Protect Property

    The police do not have to be honest with you. The things they told you about the person going through your car may or may not have been true.
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    Survivors Benefits: Re: Back Pay when SSA is at Fault

    She may be eligible for caregivers benefits. Caregiver benefits are different than Survivors Benefits. The requirement of being married for at least 10 years. Only applies to Divorced Spouses....
  21. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Child Missing Excessive Amounts of School and Failing After Divorce

    The medical professionals opinion will not carry weight coming from you. Is this medical professional a doctor that treats your daughters conditions? It is not unusual for doctors to not agree on...
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    Hearings & Appeals: Re: First Hearing - Denied SSD

    You have no way of knowing why a person iis receiving disability. Have you read their medical records and non medical evidence? Do you know what federal laws require for a claimant to be approved? ...
  23. Re: I Want to Have a Video Document of My Kids to Prepare for Evidnce at Hearing

    That is a terrible position to put your children in. Obviously, anything like that would be biased in your favor.
  24. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Bank Made Unauthorized Transaction on My Account

    Ask to speak to a Bank Officer when you go to your bank.
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    Hearings & Appeals: Re: First Hearing - Denied SSD

    Physical and mental impairments affect individuals differently. When your condition becomes worse. You probably will not have a,problem being approved. Discuss the details of how your impairments...
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