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    Defamation: Re: Innocent, Caught in Crossfire

    The OP's "first post"? Where is his second"?

    And what do you mean "original complaint"? There is no complaint - original or otherwise. Nor is there a defendant.

    The process for securing a...
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    Defamation: Re: Innocent, Caught in Crossfire

    Are you aware that the OP is not named as a respondent or party to the RO application? If so, do you know of any competent legal authority that would extend the litigation privilege to cover...
  3. Unowned Property: Re: Statute of Limitations for Small Claims Court


    PLEASE do not despair! The short answer is that your claim is not barred by any statute of limitations.

    You may have lost some trees, but you are not out of the woods with respect to your...
  4. Other Violations: Re: Ticket for Impeading Traffic Given Without Law Enforcement Seeing Alleged Violati

    Are you really so nave as to suggest that a person can't be cited for a traffic violation (or for that matter charged with any criminal act) unless the officer issuing the citation or making the...
  5. Divorce: Re: Florida Divorce Filed in 1997 W/ Active Status Petitioner Relocated to Ma

    No, it is not necessary to revisit the original divorce filing in Florida. And yes you can file in Massachusetts, provided you meet the residential requisites. But with the understanding that the...
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    Execution of Deed: Re: Posting Abandonment

    Other than the fact that it tells us that your contemptuous, greedy brother has head in the clouds it mean nothing. So don't fret over the childish incident. Instead read the Oregon laws governing...
  7. Motions: Re: Every Motion Must Have a Statement That Movant Has Conferred with Opposing Counse

    So what is troubling you? Apparently its the inability to understand plain English. Either that or you have nothing better to do than call attention to yourself as having read a standard local...
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    Re: Collecting on a Small Claims Judgement

    You seem most self-assured in responding affirmatively.

    So perhaps you could provided some competent legal authority that would allow the judgment creditor to add as costs to the judgment fees...
  9. Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Wife Refuses to Take Her Name Off of Boat Title That is in My Possession and Gran

    If that is all the decree has to say with regard to the disposition of the marital property - each retains what they now have in their possession - then you have no quarrel with your ex-wife. Not...
  10. Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Wife Refuses to Take Her Name Off of Boat Title That is in My Possession and Gran

    You say that a property division was agreed upon "outside of the courts". Fine! Now please tell us what happened "inside of the courts"!

    Does the final decree incorporate the mentioned agreed...
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    Prenuptial Agreements: Re: Asset Disclosure to the Attorney

    My guess is that these assets were acquired through inheritance. In other words, not earned. Why so? Because if you had the wherewithal to earn them, one would expect that you would have the good...
  12. Eviction Process: Re: Can a Tenant Withdraw a Supersedeas to Appeal Once It is File in Court

    So, you've "never had so much trouble in trying to pay money to someone"?

    Well, apparently you've had trouble in the past, buster! For instance finding difficulty in "cutting a check" covering...
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    Co-Ownership: Re: Partition of Property

    Yes, the home is subject to being partitioned by a Michigan circuit court. And unless the court finds that it is amenable to being equitably and fairly divided between the owners the court will...
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    Re: Post Divorce Mortgage / Escrow

    Where do you come by this absurd notion that the divorce decree "protects the co-owned property" against any of your ex-husband's attaching judgment creditors?
    Apparently you are oblivious of the...
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    Re: Post Divorce Mortgage / Escrow

    Let me ask you: Are we given to understand that the divorce decree: (1) Granted you exclusive possessory rights to the home; (2) Ordered you to individually assume all future accruing costs of...
  16. Discovery: Re: Urgent: Can I Depose an Employee Pay It Forward

    I think what you are trying to say here is that the proposed deponents are or were employees of your corporate adversary. And may have been present during times or at a time when the subject matter...
  17. Fences and Walls: Re: Washington State: Boundary Fense

    I fully agree with your interpretation of the reimbursement requirement under RCW 16.60.020. Meaning that it only applies to boundary fences erected for the purpose of containing "animals and...
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    Pleadings: Re: Service of Amended Answer

    Where I have practiced law (and under similar Rules as that of Massachusetts) an Order granting a Motion requesting leave "to file and serve an amended pleading" does not in and of itself constitute...
  19. Fences and Walls: Re: What Happens if You Discover That a Fence Line is Not Actually the Property Line

    Pardon me for saying so. But your failure to inform the OP that the placement of the fence may very well serve as defining the boundary line - notwithstanding deed descriptions and surveys - cast...
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    Delivery of Deed: Re: New Owner Wont Record Deed

    So your argument as to why such a grantor could not do as "astrojock" recommends: create and record a duplicate deed - is because once having conveyed by deed the grantor has no remaining interest...
  21. Local Taxes: Re: Due Process Denied/Insufficient Notice/Satisfy Official Requirements

    Any statute to which its interpretation and application is delegated without providing clear, articulated standards for its administration is subject to be declared unconstitutional under the...
  22. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Can I Allow a Third Party to Use My Easment

    Would you kindly explain why the OP needs to be concerned with whether or not the agreement with his brother complies with the "Uniform Conservation Easement Act"? A legislative enactment whose...
  23. Boundary Agreements: Re: Is a Map Submitted with a Title Legal in Ky

    Who cares what the two brothers once had, or what they did with what they once had? What they may have done with what they owned doesn't mean a hill of beans! Also meaningless is this gibberish about...
  24. Eviction Process: Re: Can I Still Sue for Rent/Damages; Eviction Process is Near Over

    Dear adjuster:

    Oddly you are ignoring the very import of your cited authorities; i. e. case law that totally conflict with your argument. (That argument being that the OP is not precluded from...
  25. Eviction Process: Re: Can I Still Sue for Rent/Damages; Eviction Process is Near Over

    It seems that you filed and served a complaint for unlawful detention (CRS 13-40- 10) asking that you be restored to the possession of your rental property. Also that you omitted to include in your...
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