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    Trusts: Re: Changing Attornies

    As I indicated previously, when a client retains an attorney to draft a trust, the attorney typically has nothing to do once the trust is signed (except, possibly, in connection with transferring...
  2. Trust Administration: Re: Co-Trustee Claims Last Minute Trustee Fees Upon Final Distribution

    I have "budwad" on mute, but since someone else quoted, here are my answers:

    1. I don't "want" anyone to read anything. The link is offered to anyone who might want to see an already existing...
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    Trusts: Re: Changing Attornies

    Chosen by your mother, right (regardless of how she was referred to them)? Does she share your opinion that her attorneys (is it really plural?) are not acting in her best interests? What exactly...
  4. Application & Eligibility: Re: Getting Stonewalled by the City Re: Short-Changed Registration Period

    No. You were required to register as of July 1. The November 1 date (not October 1) is the date when enforcement will begin.

    Conflicting answers to what question(s)? Who are "them" and...
  5. Trust Administration: Re: Co-Trustee Claims Last Minute Trustee Fees Upon Final Distribution

    Read this.
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    Other Offenses: Re: Collection of Written Off Court Fees

    Read this.
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    Re: Warning ( One More and Big Trouble)

    If you're over 40 and can prove that you are being treated differently than others who are under 40 and who are otherwise similarly situated solely because of age, then yes.
  8. Regulations and Procedures: Re: Can a City Be Stopped from Issuing 'Permit Parking Only' Ordinance

    By going to city council meetings. By urging your city council members not to adopt the ordinance. By urging others in your city to lobby the city council members.

    Did you really not know these...
  9. Re: Contractors Not Finishing Their Work, Damaging House

    Cool story. Do you have a question?

    How big is the hole? How much work is left to be done?
  10. Support Arrears: Re: My Kids Are Paying My (Their) Arrears to Keep Me Out of Jail

    Not really sure what you have in mind. If you're asking whether the court will forgive your arrears just because your kids are paying on your behalf and you're "a good mother and . . . love [your]...
  11. Wills: Re: Will, Cremation, and Mailing Goodbye Letters

    Read this.
  12. Re: Non Custodial Parent with Supervised Visitation Moves Out of State

    There is no "we" here. If he "just got through [the] divorce," then it is unlikely that the court that "just" ordered supervised visitation would change that. What was the reason for the court...
  13. Re: Does the Fact That I Sell My Product Confer Automatic Copyright Protection

    Read this.
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Hov Violation Riding a Polaris Slingshot

    What does that mean? Are you saying that there is a federal statute or regulation that says this? If so, what statute or regulation says it? If it's neither a statute nor a regulation or you don't...
  15. Re: Application of Final Offer Arbitration - Jams California

    The JAMS rules are available at its website. For interpretation and advice, speak with your attorney.
  16. Thread: Eviction

    by pg1067

    Re: Eviction

    Cool story. Do you have a question?

    If you do have a question, you should do a much better job of explaining the facts. It sounds like maybe your boyfriend and his niece jointly own the...
  17. Re: Times V Sullivan and the Equal Protection Clause

    I addressed that. Also, while a few states still have criminal defamation crimes on the books, most don't, and even where it is on the books, it is almost never prosecuted as a crime. Defamation is...
  18. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Father Didn't Show for Initial Custody Hearing - Can He Still Get 50/50

    I'm not sure what "give him 50/50" might mean, but a failure to appear at a single hearing isn't a bar to any particular result.

    I suggest you consult with a local family law attorney.
  19. Re: Times V Sullivan and the Equal Protection Clause

    What crime are you talking about?

    The Sullivan decision arose out of a civil lawsuit filed by a local official in Alabama who claimed an advertisement that ran in the New York Times was libelous....
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    Re: Suing Over Civil Rights Violation

    What civil case? What is the nature of the civil case, and what is its connection to the matter for which you were arrested?

    Litigation against whom and for what?
  21. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Small Business Filing Countersuit in Small Claims Court

    First of all, CCP 128.5 would be far better than 128.7. Second, I'm highly skeptical that either motion is available in small claims court. The only motions that small claims courts typically...
  22. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Small Business Filing Countersuit in Small Claims Court

    We? "We" cannot be a sole proprietorship. If it's a sole proprietorship, then it's just you. If it's really "we," then it's a partnership (or some other business entity form).

    The BAR has...
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    Transfer of Title: Re: Tell Me About Tire Temperature

    Are you aware that you've posted on a legal message?

    That being said, you might want to read about the ideal gas law.
  24. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Sister Died Without a Will. My Brother is Designated As Beneficiary of Her Pensio

    What is the point of this question? The OP wrote, "I suspect that going through probate will expose the pension money to the creditors that my sister dealt with in her hospital and nursing home stay...
  25. Divorce: Re: Filing for Divorce and Getting Married, Timeframe

    You didn't identify your state of residence, but there is no state in which you could waive the requirement, and it is unlikely that any court in any state would waive it. What's the rush?
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