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  1. Home Insurance: Re: Help

  2. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Your son is a member of your household. The operator of the snowblower is not a member of the owner's household.
  3. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Within some circles, yes. Mostly with the ones who don't like having their incorrect assumptions contradicted.
  4. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Yes - if YOU are the one riding the bike, then YOUR homeowner's policy covers it. I'm willing to bet you never asked those insurance agents about liability when someone else borrows your bike.

  5. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Sorry, I'd initially lost track of the fact that this thread had been broken off the original and was discussing the tangent rather than the initial question. I edited in the last four words of my...
  6. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    And all of this discussion about contractors and contracts is irrelevant since there are no contractors, no contracts, and no employment relationships in the scenario provided by the OP of the...
  7. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    You still have not indicated any evidence whatsoever to suggest that if Bob borrows a tool from Ed, and then Bob uses Ed's tool to damage Bob's own property in Bob's own house, that Ed is in any way...
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