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  1. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    you obviously don’t know the same prosecutors as I. Not all prosecutors speak only the truth but that is an entirely different and unrelated discussion

    but in reality prosecutors can make for...
  2. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    I see. You see honest and correct answers as an affront. I guess a troll such as yourself would likely have that opinion. There is nothing being used against anybody. Questions are being answered,...
  3. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Trolls need education but are rarely truly seeking education. In this instance it appears to be nothing more than you continuing the trolling.
  4. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    No. They have attorneys that represent the insured. It ultimately can benefit the insurance company but it is the insureds attorney. Do you really believe the attorney standing next to the...
  5. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    No, it’s not semantics. Not only can a lawyer not force an insurance company to pay because they simply don’t have that power, the insurance company isn’t even a party to the suit so there will be...
  6. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    An attorney cannot force an insurance company to pay anything. Only a court or the stateís insurance board can force them to pay anything.

    Itís hilarious you would accept the word of a pi...
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