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  1. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Once again, an attorney cannot make an insurance company pay anything at all. An attorney can only get a judgment against an insured. If an insurance company still declines coverage for an...
  2. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    One cannot sue an insurance company in this kind of instance. One has to sue the person who was negligent and caused the damage. Now, the insurance company will, if they feel that the alleged claim...
  3. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    It's probably time to stop responding to Brian57. He absolutely does not want to understand how home owner's insurance works and doesn't care to learn.
  4. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    You are deliberately ignoring what we are trying to explain to you.

    You are liable for what happens on your property. Your son and other relatives or friends may or may not be covered under your...
  5. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Unless you negligently lent the gun or the bike to someone who clearly should not be using a gun or bike, or unless it took place on your property, then yes, you would have to be the one holding the...
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