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  1. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Would you use a prosecutor to defend in a criminal matter? They too know a lot of facts about the law...and only speak truth.

    Where is the negligence in an insurance co paying for the damage of...
  2. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    The problem is there are a whole bunch of you guys here and very few that really help people with their situation. It's called kicking people when they are down, or maybe it's revenge on the traffic...
  3. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Very profound post! Please, teach me more...I'm in such need.
  4. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    "Semantics" was in response to me saying that a person needs an attorney to make an insurance co pay what is fair and just. Of course an attorney cannot "force" anyone do anything, but they can...
  5. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Oh really? Insurance companies do not have attorneys that defend their interests?

    How do you even write this stuff? Because you have five guys in your corner to back you up?
  6. Home Insurance: Re: Help


    You can believe the pro-prosecution and anti-societal opinions commonly expressed here at face value. I take it all with a grain of salt.
  7. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    What I understand is that insurance companies typically refuse to pay, or pay what is fair and just, unless an attorney forces them to pay. Therefore I would believe a personal injury lawyer far...
  8. Home Insurance: Re: Help


    I think the correct question would be "would my son be covered if he broadsided a car with a bike from my garage?" I know the answer is "yes." Next question "would his friend be covered if he...
  9. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Yep, they described you correctly.
  10. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    And I am willing to bet that you never asked that question either.

    So, assuming you are correct, is my son covered if he hit a car? It isn't his policy. How about a step-son, first cousin,...
  11. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    I specifically asked my insurance agent and a personal injury lawyer why a bike accident that damages a car is covered under a HO policy. They both said the bike, because it is stored within the...
  12. Home Insurance: Re: Help

    Well, you guys ought to do a little research on HO policies before trying to sound like authorities on it. I know for a fact that your HO policy will cover the medical bills of a person that was...
  13. Home Insurance: Will Homeowners Insurance Pay on a Claim With No Negligence by the Insured

    I am a 'show me' kinda guy. I'd like to see a case where a HO policy did not cover the costs when a borrowed lawnmower that is being used by a neighbor threw a rock at a neighbor's Ferrari and put a...
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