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  1. Sex Offenses: Re: Sexual Assault Charges Based Upon a New Report of a Past Incident

    I would think the new interest in the charge is because of the change in Statute of Limitations in Iowa. They have gone from ten years after the victim turned 18 to 25 years after the victim turns...
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    Search and Seizure: Re: Searched After a Traffic Stop

    It sounds as if you were stopped as part of their drug interdiction program. You must have fit a special profile. Go onto youtube, there are many video's there explaining what it is and what they are...
  3. Drug Trafficking / Distribution: Re: Federal Indictment/Sentencing

    First you need to re-read your own statement of facts. Your Father is NOT fighting the charges. That means he is guilty as charged. He didn't quit selling drugs several years ago as he is admitting...
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    Fraud: Re: Work-From-Home Drop Shipping Scam

    Charges are not usually levied against the victim of these scams. Do contact you local police and get it reported. She is the victim, not the scammer.
  5. Drug Possession: Re: Owi-Marijuana-Illegal Search

    Since the others don't want to say the obvious, let me give you this advice. If your Father is an Attorney, do contact him on this. As a Dad he will be a little miffed. But as a Father he will have...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Wrongly Accused of Stealing Makeup

    This is one of those (Hire a competent Attorney moments). The attorney could most likely get the charges dropped if the video doesn't actually show anything. Then you can pursue whatever legal...
  7. Threats and Intimidation: Re: Am I in Trouble

    No he cannot have you charged with anything. You do need to testify against him though and get a restraining order on him as in NOW! That way it will be illegal for him to contact you. Second, since...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Walmart Shoplifting and Civil Demand

    Sounds like you were lucky to get that (sorta) free advice.
  9. Disorderly Conduct: Re: False Arrest / First and 4th Amendment

    So cdwjava, are you actually acknowledging that cops are corrupt? I guess that comes from having to "Sargent" a few of them. (just poking fun).
  10. Sex Offenses: Re: Sexual Abuse of a Minor Over a Period of Years

    If I were in your aunts shoes, I would hock everything I have to pay for a private attorney who specializes in Sex Offense Defense. Public defenders get given only so much money to work with per...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: Physically Attacked by Manager at Work

    A person has a right to defend themselves from another person. A person has the right to respond to the aggressor in kind but only until the threat is stopped. A person cannot have initiated the...
  12. Post-Conviction Relief: Re: How Can I Help a Man Wrongly Convicted of a Sexual Offence

    At this point, hiring a lawyer who specializes in sexual convictions and appeals would be your best bet. If you have a legal aid society in your county, contact them and ask who they would recommend...
  13. Search and Seizure: Re: Car Searched by Police in Employer's Parking Lot

    Just do what cdwjava has suggested. Hire an attorney. An attorney is cheaper in the long run than losing jobs because of an illegal weapons conviction. An attorney will be able to argue in court that...
  14. Sentencing: Re: When Will Your Habitual Criminal Lifestyle Land You in Prison

    Plus the room service in the " L' Hôtel du Greybar" as Missy states, is really lousy. So unless you change your lifestyle, prepare to book many vacations at that resort.
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    Sentencing: Re: Diversion and Gun Ownership

    Once you complete your diversion, your record should be clear. But I would ask your probationary officer to be sure. The site below explains it clearly.
  16. Arrest Warrants: Re: Warrant

    I'm with cdwjava on this one. If law enforcement has to pick you up, the judge will not look kindly on that. If however you turn yourself in, the judge just may accept your excuse and go easy on you,...
  17. Credit Reports: Re: Collections Posted to Credit Report One Month After Paying Full Balance

    You can call the company that initiated the credit report and ask them to have it removed. Explain to them what happened, and sense it has already been paid, they may do this. Most places will do it...
  18. Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Restoring Rights With a Felony Drug Trafficking Record

    Here is a site that explains it best.

    (here is some of the text) "With respect to Federal felony convictions,...
  19. Sex Offenses: Re: Getting in Trouble for Reporting Child Porn

    Law Enforcement receives a lot of information about child porn sites from people who in the course of searching legal porn sites, stumble across illegal ones. The fact that you reported the site to...
  20. Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Does a Firearm Purchase Denile by the Ncis Mean a Person is Not Legal to Own Fire

    Thanks JK, it took me a while to talk to him since he was in another state for work. He said he did appeal but the Fed asked the Washington State Attorney General and the AG said in his opinion, a...
  21. Civil Rights Restoration: Does Failing a NCIS Firearms Background Check Mean You're Barred fro Owning Firearms

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Washington. I have a friend that wanted me to ask the question above. In 1997 he was convicted of a Class B felony in the State of Washington. Since...
  22. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: When Do Shoplifters End Up In the NRMA Retail Theft Database

    After asking a friend in Walmart security, He said Walmart does not generally send a first time offenders name to the NRMA. That is why they work out the alternitive method of payment. He also said...
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    Domestic Violence: Re: Felony and Misdeameanor Charges

    My question was, Is there an avenue for a person convicted of DV to have the federal restriction removed by the feds, not state government. He has already had it removed by state government, but the...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Reporting sexual abuse years later

    The problem I can see is the fact that there isn't any physical evidence tying him to your (alleged) rape back in the year 2000. Plus the fact that you admit you are doing this to gain custody of a...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Reporting a Rape After Eight Years

    Art. 12.01. FELONIES. Except as provided in Article 12.03,
    felony indictments may be presented within these limits, and not
    (1) no limitation: ...
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