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    Medical Malpractice: Wrongful Death and Lactic Acidosis

    My father died back in july, The cause of death was "METABOLIC ACIDOSIS"

    Which I believe was "LACTIC ACIDOSIS" which can occur from medications that should not be taking together.

    So I truly...
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    Debt Collectors: Summoned To Court Over An Old Debt

    I just recieved a summons to appear in court for a old credit card debt from the year 2002.

    I believe the statute of limitations is 3 years in my state (VA) on credit card debt.

    Any advice...
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    How To Transfer Ownership Of Land

    How do I go about transfer ownership of land to a relative without using a lawyer.

    Property is located in MA.
  4. Medical Malpractice: Re: father died

    Thanks for your response.

    My father was refered to an oncologist by his family doctor because of a high
    white blood cell count, The doctor did'nt know what to put on the death certificate, so we...
  5. Heirs Can't Agree On Disposition Of Inherited Real Estate

    If 4 siblings inherit some property and 2 siblings want to sell off the property and the other 2 don't, Is there a way to force the sale.
  6. Medical Malpractice: Father Died After Medical Appointment Was Rescheduled

    My father died recently from a blood dease he was being treated for.

    His doctor cancelled his appointment and pushed back 8 days.

    My father started getting ill 2 days before his new appointment...
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    Collection Lawsuits: Re: Social Security Exemption From Garnishment

    When we arrive at court the clerk ask all people who were there to meet with the lawyer for the company that had the judgement against them out in the hall.....So I did and presented 5 months of bank...
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    Collection Lawsuits: Social Security Exemption From Garnishment

    Went to court today and met with the lawyer trying to garnish my fathers bank account.

    I gave the lawyer the bank statements and she said that it was not enough proof.

    My question to you guy's...
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    Debt Collectors: Frozen Bank Account

    The collection firm of wolpoff & abramson froze my fathers bank account over a debt that is unknown by him.

    He recieves his social security in this account and it is his only source of income.
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