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  1. Thread: Shoplifting

    by Fuzzz

    Re: Shoplifting

    Wow. :hypnotysed: Blame the company for you stealing. Why didn't anyone else think of this? Its genius.

    Oh wait people have tried this before. A lot. And it never works.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    Well ok. I guess estate planning attorneys, immigration attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, contract attorney, social security disability attorney, etc. are all just faking it then?

    And how...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    If that is what she is after then she is in the wrong place. Internet forums cant give legal advice on an extremely complicated cases such as this one. The only way to give adequate advice is...
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    Re: Spousal No Contact Order No Violence

    Keep in mind that when anyone tells a story about themselves, especially when they want sympathy, they tend to tell the story in a way that puts them in the best light. They also commonly leave out...
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    Re: Possible Warrant for Arrest

    Its amazing how poor peoples reading comprehension skills are. Try reading the first part that you failed to bold.

    The deposit only applies if they do not know who the owner is, and the person...
  6. Thread: Help

    by Fuzzz

    Re: Help

    If/When he gets contacted by local/federal authorities and/or indited he should seek the help of an attorney immediately. Until that time comes he can live in fear that it may be coming. Or it may...
  7. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    I would assume that the police had some knowledge about what went on the prior day. If it did indeed involve physical contact then they would send extra officers in case it escalated again.

  8. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    So some unknown person attacked you from behind, without provocation or warning, and used "extreme force" in the process? And never said anything during the whole process, then just backed away and...
  9. Registering a Vehicle: Re: Is It Possible Without Fear of Legal Charges Being Filed

    How long ago was this purchase? What did you fill out on the paperwork when you purchased the vehicle? Whatever you filled out on the paperwork should reflect who owns the vehicle. If you "purchased"...
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    Re: Identified As Driver Suspended

    Not to muddy the waters but the Supreme Court has given some guidance on this too in Florida v Bostick. The case related to a consent search in the confines of a bus but the standard has been used in...
  11. Re: Who to Name As a Respondent in a Protection Order Against Police Harassment

    No court I know of will award an order based off of events that occurred 4+ years ago. I guess it is possible if there was a current or newly active investigation of something particularly heinous...
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    Search and Seizure: Re: Challenging a Search Warrant for a Blood Test

    I would think that the prosecutor would argue for an inevitable discovery exception considering the short time frame between the blood being drawn and the signing of the warrant. It would appear they...
  13. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding in a School Zone, But Unaware of the School

    EJay is correct. You only need a reasonable assumption the children are arriving at or leaving the school for the school zone to be active. One does not need to actually see the children or that they...
  14. Passing a School Bus: Re: Circumstances with Passing a School Bus

    Here is the relevant section for citations issued from a bus operators observations.

    Notice that all that is needed is the license plate from the vehicle and ...
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    Traffic Court Issues: Re: Circumstances with Passing a School Bus

    False. The license plate is not prima facie evidence to issue a citation to the vehicle owner. The burden does not shift to the owner, it remains with the prosecution.

    Once again this is...
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