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  1. Moving Out: Re: Early Termination-Landlord Not Following Lease

    I understand that, but I'm concerned as to what happens after. If she finds a new tenant, what do I have that shows I am relieved of responsibility?

    And also, is finding a replacement tenant the...
  2. Moving Out: Early Termination - Landlord Not Following Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    Hello. I am breaking my one year lease early because of financial trouble. In the lease it states:

    Should the tenant choose...
  3. Re: Family Member Fighting The Signing Over Of House

    Thanks for your help. We are having a whole mess of an issue with her. She insists that she is staying in the house 'until her name gets put on the deed' and that her lawyer is already working on it....
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    Eviction Process: Court Hearing For Eviction

    I just want to know the process of the unlawful detainer court hearing. I have photogrpahs of how filthy my tenant (who does not pay rent, or utilities, she was invited on from my late grandma who...
  5. Re: Family Member Fighting The Signing Over Of House

    I just looked into my question about her personal belongings. In my grammas will it says my Grandpa is the sole beneficiery to her estate. It also says anyone who fights it will get nothing. Since it...
  6. Re: Family Member Fighting The Signing Over Of House, Please Help!

    Sorry for my ignorance, I dont quite understand the whole probate process. My Grandma signed the house to me before she passed and I got it filed before she passed. She had a will from over 30 years...
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    Eviction Process: Tenants At Will, Living In RV In Backyard

    state: CA

    I posted another question in another thread having to do with this same issue/person, but I will go into more detail about the other issue with her here.

    My Grandma recently passed....
  8. Family Member Fighting The Signing Over Of House

    state: California

    My Grandmother recently passed away. I have lived with her and took care of her for 18 years. We were the best of friends, and extremely close, the whole family knows that. 4...
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