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    Re: Loaner Car, No Signed Agreement

    Was the water intrusion your fault? Did you leave the windows and sunroof open in a rainstorm?

    Alternatively, is the water damage caused by faulty window gaskets that were worn out when you...
  2. Other Violations: Re: Ticket from Use of Auto High-Beams System

    By any chance, did you have a heavy load in the back of the truck? This can lower the rear end, aiming the headlights higher than usual.

    Maybe you can convince the judge that the high beams...
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    Service Providers: Re: Engine Done After Oil Change

    I'm in no way saying this is your wife's fault, but with her next car you should spend some time together familiarizing yourselves with the warning lights and temperature gages on the car dashboard....
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    Service and Repair: Re: Carwash Damaged My Car

    The OP listed problems that OTHER folks had at the same car wash. I assume he found this list in online reviews.
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    Re: Go Away Money

    There is a post by a Brian57 that is very similar.
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Unsafe Passing on the Right Shoulder

    I did read the original post multiple times, and I can't find where the OP merged back in front of anybody.

    If you think my question about the legal definition of "pass" was stupid, then just say...
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Unsafe Passing on the Right Shoulder

    OK, but does OP know the legal definition of "pass". I don't. Maybe it's not defined in the law? Are you "passing" someone if you never merge in front of them?
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Unsafe Passing on the Right Shoulder

    The statute does say "overtake and pass", leading me to believe that they might have two different meanings. I would guess that "pass" means to transition from being behind someone to being in front...
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    Warranties: Re: Bought a Damaged Car from a Dealer on Ebay

    I'm not a lawyer or even very familiar with the law, so I'm assuming I'm wrong.

    Having said that, why doesn't the exclusion just say "Any damage that could have been discovered upon a reasonable...
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    Warranties: Re: Bought a Damaged Car from a Dealer on Ebay

    I think that the OP believes (and I agree) that this exclusion does not apply to him because he did not "pick(ed) up the vehicle in person".
  11. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: UPS Driver Broke personal phone on my driveway

    I don't get it. Why do you say it's an attack? Is it the because the dog ran up to him? Is it the bark? Are both required to constitute an attack? What if it's a poodle puppy? What if my...
  12. Traffic Accidents: Re: Rear-End Collision With an Unlicensed Driver

    I would text back...

    "I will not help you commit fraud. If contacted by your insurance, I will tell the truth about how the accident happened and about who was driving."
  13. Determination of Fault: Re: Comparabile Negligence

    Brian, I'm sorry about your injuries and hope you make a full recovery. I know that the road is a dangerous place for cyclists.

    Having said that, your complaints about the road crew seem...
  14. Determination of Fault: Re: Comparabile Negligence

    I wouldn't want to be setting out cones either... too many vehicle operators not looking where they are going.
  15. Speeding Tickets: Re: Received a Speeding Ticket While Passing

    Assume that the OP requests discovery and that nowhere in those materials is there a mention of the 76 mph speed. Would the court still accept the officer's testimony in trial that the clocked speed...
  16. Determination of Fault: Re: Who's at Fault Driver 1 or Driver 2

    Based on the OP, the front car hit the rear passenger door of the passing car. It sounds to me that the front car both failed to use a signal AND turned into the passing car.

    I would think that...
  17. Traffic Accidents: Re: Motorcyclist Injured After a Car's Sudden Lane Change

    adjusterjack and budwad, I think you are being too hard on the OP. Taking his account at face value, he was not following the car that cut him off, so following distance is moot. budwad says that...
  18. Service Providers: Re: Comcast Firmware Update

    cbg. I agree that the OP's wording about freedoms and rights might be misguided.

    However, I think that his provider's actions are comparable to a water utility entering his house and installing...
  19. Parking Tickets: Re: Ticketed for Not Turning Wheels to the Curb While Parked on a Grade

    Actually, a 3 degree grade is one foot of rise in about 19 feet.

    sin(3 deg) = 1 ft / x

    x = 19.1 ft

    As a reference point, the steepest allowable interstate in mountains is 7%, or atan(0.07) =...
  20. Other Violations: Re: Impeding Traffic Ticket for Letting a Passenger Out on the Road, VC 2400(a)(1)

    flyingron, the OP doesn't state whether traffic was stopped in front of her for the entire time that her son was letting her son out. I agree with you if she was still stopped after the traffic in...
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