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    Re: Immigration and Natural Disasters

    Im not looking for sarcastic comments. Im looking for anyone that knows of any forms I can file through USCIS to speed up or allow me to get my kids here, out of BH Brazil and stay here where they...
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    Immigration and Natural Disasters

    My step children 11, 14, & 16 all live in Brazil along with my Mother in Law. The Kids all have US Visa's although they have never been here.
    My wife and I started the Immigration Process for the...
  3. Thread: Filing Order

    by IamWill80

    Filing Order

    My wife overstayed her visa prior to marriage. We already spoke with an attorney and all is ok were getting ready to file paperwork.
    I need to file a Petition For an Alien Relative $525 and File for...
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    Legal Permanent Residency: Marriage After Visa Expired

    I am Interested in starting the Naturalization process and updating my wife's status. She unfortunately overstayed her visa. I know there are extra forms and fees to pay because she overstayed. I...
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    Visas for Stepchildren

    My Wife and I are newly married. We are planning a celebration in October and would love for her children (minors) to be able to come be apart of our marriage celebration and possibly stay with us...
  6. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marriage After Visa Expired

    Yes to which They will find out once I'm married . Assuming another Interview would take place shortly there after... Who knows... Theyll find out when I update OPM..
  7. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marriage After Visa Expired

    She has over stayed 1.5 years. She stayed with her brother who is a legal US Citizen. Then we met. I'm almost 40. Been married and divorced. Silly to some fishy and to soon for others it's all...
  8. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marriage After Visa Expired

    Yes Sir All, Also a Federal DoD Employee. Not sure if that makes a Difference.
  9. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marriage After Visa Expired

    Yes I agree
  10. Legal Permanent Residency: Seeking Permanent Residency Based on Marriage After Visa Expired

    My fiancee' and I are planning on getting married soon. Her tourist visa expired over a year ago while she was staying with her brother (who is a US Citizen.) She made Lawful Legal Entry and...
  11. Purchase Contracts: No Longer Qualified for a Mortgage, Seller is Keeping $15,000 Deposit

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: FL.

    I entered into a contract to build a house using my VA Homeloan and had to pay the builder a $15,600 cash deposit. I am no longer...
  12. Contract Law: Re: Anytime Fitness Thieves

  13. Contract Law: Re: Anytime Fitness Thieves

    I know, I plan on it, I was looking for advice or any ideas on how to go about it so I have a game plan and Idea of what I can do when I go to the attorney.
  14. Contract Law: Franchise Company Can't Close a Lease, Despite Taking Franchisee's Money

    My question involves business law in the state of: Minnesota per contract, Residence of FL.

    I signed a contract with Anytime Fitness and paid a $35,000 Franchise Fee to open a franchise in Orlando...
  15. Premises Liability: Re: Tree Fell on Car

    I would like to thank you all for the advice and taking the time out of your days to reply... Thank You!
  16. Premises Liability: Is a Tree Trimming Company Liable for Damage to Your Car from a Falling Limb

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Florida

    I was driving through the parking lot at my fiances apartment complex when a very large tree branch fell and totalled my car. The HOA...
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    Liens and Encumbrances: Re: HOA Property Lien

    That is fair. I hope they agree.
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    Liens and Encumbrances: Re: HOA Property Lien

    So basically what im hearing is that the association I pay my Dues to can completely ignore my questions and concerns regarding billing, Send me a confusing email telling me I cant pay, then punish...
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    Liens and Encumbrances: Re: HOA Property Lien

    Im aware of the, but this was standard mail. It was not certified.

    Dues were paid all of 2015. 2016 they never sent me a payment book. When It became time for the payment I noticed I never...
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    Liens and Encumbrances: Defenses to a HOA Property Lien

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

    My issue is as follows. I owe my HOA $400 dollars, it is due every 6 months. I have missed a year of payments some of which is...
  21. Speeding Tickets: How Can I Beat a Ticket from an Aircraft and Simple Stopwatch

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: FLORIDA

    Hey guys, Nothing you all havent seen before but yet here I am lol...

    Central Florida I-4 Disney area the 417 Access road that...
  22. Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Consumer Rights Violation

    The police said it was a civil matter. Because they were called out to the home and nothing was actually broken or stolen, dispite them unlawfully coming into my home through an unsecured window.
  23. Contractors and Subcontractors: Contractor Entered Without Permission to Perform Work and Overcharged

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

    What Laws can I review

    I had a contractor break into my home while I wasn't home to do a job he was 6 hrs late on. We were to...
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    Service Providers: Re: Electrical Contractor B and E and Double Billing

    The home isnt old It was built in 1999. Normal Murry breakers. Pops in and out. Panel is in the garage. He came in through the Nook windor near the kitched walked through the house to the garage did...
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    Service Providers: Overcharged for Electrical Repairs

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: FLORIDA

    I had an electrical contractor come out to my home to replace a blown breaker. He quoted me $80 for the service call and I agreed...
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