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  1. Resignation: Re: Submitting a Letter of Resignation with a Future Date - Protection of Benefits

    What benefits are you talking about? Just health? From your post, you are not planning on returning after FML, correct? Be mindful that the employer has the right to come after you for health...
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    Stolen Property: Re: Can a Pawn Shop Have Someone Arrested

    So you feel the victim is bullying the thief by not giving him a reasonable amount of time to repay them? If I was the pawn shop, I would have immediately pressed charges and not given him anytime to...
  3. Application: Re: Weird Pictures for Application

    Are you sure this is even a legit company? Have you researched it? Sounds like a perverted internet scam to me.
  4. Rent and Utilities: Re: Apartment Complex Requiring Me to Register My Cable

    Hope this helps.
  5. Discrimination: Re: Renting to Someone with a Sex Offense Background

    Your acquaintenace is a very smart Man/Woman!
  6. Discrimination: Re: Renting to Someone with a Sex Offense Background

    there is no law making landlords liable for the crimes of their tenants*.

    Absolutly not true..The landlord has to make good faith effort in ensuring the health/safety of their residents....
  7. Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: Disabled with Disabled Plate and Apartment Complex Not Allowing Me to Park

    The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits housing providers from discriminating against
    people because of their disability or the disability of anyone associated with them, and
    from treating people...
  8. Rental Agreements: Re: Lease Says Property Management Will Pay Gas but I'm Being Billed

    According to what you just pay for gas. There is no "X" there..Water/Sewer and Garbage is what I see the landlord as paying.
  9. Security Deposits: Re: When Must a Landlord Refund a Security Deposit After a Tenant Breaks the Lease

    Colorado law is 30 DAYS from date of surrender..not 60 and not from end of lease term. You can extend the 30 day requirement to 60 days only if specified in your lease.
  10. Repair and Maintenance: Re: What Compensation Should Landlord Provide for Making Us Vacate During Renovations

    You can request anything you want, but realize that this is a contracts case and the landlord is only obligated to make you whole. This would be the difference between the hotel cost and daily rent,...
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    Moving Out: Re: Can I Get a Refund of Rent

    Your thinking is flawed. Your obligated to pay thru your notice. If you choose to move out early, your obligation to the landlord does not end even during the cleaning period. If you don't like the...
  12. Breaking a Lease: Re: Refusing to Accept Military Orders for Canceling Lease Without Penalty

    Did you give the proper 30 day notice?
  13. State Taxes: Re: Can a High School Student Get Tax Credits for an Apartment

    If you were a full time student for ANY 5 months of the current calendar year, the household would not qualify for tax credits until the following year. College and/or high school classes taken on...
  14. Modification of Custody: Re: How Much Visitation Will a Non-Custodial Parent Get

    If you just want to "get this over with" for your son's sake...why fight the Wednesday nights? Really? Allowing the father to have, what amounts to 8 over nights a month, is a problem for you? Sounds...
  15. Parking Ticket Hearings: Re: Apartment Handycap Parking Spot Hogs

    Federal Fair Housing Laws require landlord to make "reasonable accomodations", this includes designating "reserved" parking spots for residents with disabilities if one is requested. Without going...
  16. Homicide: Re: Women Framed Me for Poisoning Man

    Oh wait...I heard about this...Last night on Desperate Housewives! Amazing that you have the exact same situation...Wait until the re-run airs again and follow the directions of the
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