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  1. General Power of Attorney: Re: Sister-In-Law Has Power of Attorney Over Mother-In-Law

    The validity of the POA would be an issue for a judge to decide whether it was legally obtained. You should plan on spending a large amount of money fighting it.
  2. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket for a Higher Speed Than My Car Was Going

    Troopers are also trained in targeting vehicles at long distances.
  3. Application & Eligibility: Re: Will You be Barred from a FINRA License for a Felony Charge That Was Later Dismis

    It appears you qualify.
  4. Following Too Closely: Re: Ticketed for Following Too Closely Without Hitting Another Vehicle

    You are lucky you were not charged with something more severe like reckless operation.
  5. Trust Administration: Re: Can a Trustee Sell Assets for Less Than the Highest Bid

    It does not matter if one wants it to be sentimental and the other to be spiteful. What matters is who is willing to pay more for it in an arms length transaction. If other family members benefiting...
  6. Parking Violations: Re: Ticket for Leaving a Vehicle Unattended at an Airport

    We have explained why they received the ticket. Now you can explain it to them. The number of vehicles present is irrelevant to it being a violation.
  7. Hours: Re: Can Your Employer Require You to Work a Shift on Last Minute Notice

    It is called employment at will. If you do not show up, you risk they will no longer employ you.
  8. Service Providers: Re: Water Company Bills for Third Party Damage to Water Meter

    In my neck of the woods we put ornamental boulders in front of places we do not want vehicle to stray on our property if it helps.
  9. Job Duties: Re: Employer Makes Me Use My Own Money to Provide Change for Customer Checks

    Imagine the $20 is a pair of shoes or a tool you must have to work. Does it make sense yet?
  10. Parking Violations: Re: Is it Legal to Park on an Unpaved Area of a Rental House Lot

    Call your local police or consult local ordinances.
  11. Parking Violations: Re: Ticket for Leaving a Vehicle Unattended at an Airport

    So when he started to ticket the car she then decided to enter and move it and he told her it was too late. Perfectly logical. It is not a parking space.
  12. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket for a Higher Speed Than My Car Was Going

    In almost every state, Troopers are trained to estimate speed without a radar device. What about his notes do you plan on objecting to? He writes them as a record of what happened regarding the stop...
  13. Relatives: Re: Green Card Petition for Qualifying Immediate Relative

    The government will answer all your questions.
  14. Parking Violations: Re: A Police Officer Gave My Dad a Ticket and Threaten to Arrest Him for No Solid Rea

    If the vehicle was attended, then it should have been moved and not left parked illegally.
  15. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket in Iowa

    The answer is not that simple. you would need to subpoena all relevant case information to see if there are any errors to raise in his testimony or procedures. Simply appearing and saying it was not...
  16. Service Providers: Re: Water Company Bills for Third Party Damage to Water Meter

    It is not that you rubbed him the wrong way. You added information making this an abnormal situation. We really have no way to assist you, because your circumstances are unique. You should see if you...
  17. Auto Insurance: Re: Ticket for Driving Without Insurance Due to a Misplaced Insurance Card

    The late fee is not the issue. The issue is whether the ticket has been adjudicated or there is potentially a warrant for failure to appear. Once it has been adjudicated it is too late. The late fee...
  18. Estate Planning Strategies: Re: Protecting Assets from Being Considered As Countable Assest for Beneficiary Spous

    Hence my brief but direct response. I am aware some members have some knowledge in the area and apologize if anyone felt my reply to be stepping on their toes.
  19. Service Providers: Re: Water Company Bills for Third Party Damage to Water Meter

    Generally, your contract or city code spells out where your liability begins. Generally, it is at the main line tap based on my knowledge. Therefore, it is in fact your bill, unless your situation is...
  20. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket for Driving > 100 MPH, VC 22348B

    It is always better to use a lawyer. We cannot asses the success you will have with a judge acting independently.
  21. Estate Assets and Debts: Re: Waht Happens to Your Credit Card Debt After Death

    Relatives are not liable. Someone who signed assuring a debt would be. They will call and ask who is probating the estate. You tell them there was no estate worth the time to probate. They will...
  22. Divorce: Re: Appealing a Default Divorce in Tennessee

    One thing that might be in your favor if it comes out, is intentional unemployment can be used by a judge when assessing support in many situations.
  23. Estate Assets and Debts: Re: Relative's Credit Card Debt After Death

    Generally, in this situation, absent a spouse, it is best to walk away and no one probate the estate as there is nothing there to redeem. Let the chips fall where they may.
  24. Emancipation: Re: How Do I Get Emancipated with Parental Consent

    I suspect the ER would not see you because it was not emergency treatment and you had no insurance.
  25. Medical Malpractice: Re: Liability of Non-Emergency Medical Transport for Canceling Scheduled Services

    The issue is you kept making appointments, when it was clear they apparently were not going to accept a contract with your dad involved. It is likely contractual in their contract with the insurance...
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