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    Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Step-Parent Rights

    That's completely different than what is going on - but if your ex gave permission than that's technically all that's needed depending on your situation. If that was my daughter - well my ex has no...
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Adoption of Child by Unmarried Person

    Let her waste her money and find out that she's not going to get what she wants. She's not going to listen to you or anyone else. It's unfortunate that her child has to suffer because of it though....
  3. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    A judge can order whatever they want into a custody arrangement especially in the best interest of the CHILD. You forfeited your visitation - that's your problem. Also - it's not the stepparent's...
  4. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    You realize it looks really bad for you when you verbally harass her on the phone. I would go to messages to so I had proof of your harassment and anger. You know that no one here is going to be on...
  5. Interstate Issues: Re: Disputing Paternity of Child Born Within Marriage in Another State

    It is too late now for him to dispute paternity. He should have done that immediately once the divorce was filed. You don't need a lawyer to dispute anything in a divorce. You can conduct a divorce...
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    Relocation: Re: Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State

    Actually someone who is in the military who gets deployed or has to PCS to another state is the same as a civilian who moves out of state for a job. I'm in the military - and I would say someone...
  7. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Losing Guardianship when Evidence Shows Otherwise

    Sure looks like on this thread you hijacked it and turned it into some weird thing going on between you and another member.
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    Child Neglect: Re: What Constituts Neglect in North Carolina

    If you ever think a child is being abused, you call the authorities and they will investigate.
  9. Court Proceedings: Re: How to Prove That a Parent Lied About Her Substance Abuse History

    If he knows that she lied about her counseling and report, then why do you need to inform him about any case law or anything else? He's well aware of the situation so let him decide what to do.

  10. Court Proceedings: Re: Lies to the Court

    Just because you "feel" she should be charged with something doesn't mean there's anything to charge her with. I feel like my ex husband should just be locked away forever but he hasn't committed a...
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    Termination: Re: How to Get No Contace

    You have to petition the court that ordered it. If you have a lawyer, talk to that person. You probably won't get it removed.
  12. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Ex Lied to Avoid Contempt, Now What

    It's really just safe for everyone to have child support go through the state. THen there's no question if it's child support or a gift.
  13. Changing a Child's Name: Re: Would This Be Reason for Change of Last Name

    Name changes are supposed to be in the best interest of the child - not the parents. So if your only reason is to make it easier for you - a judge probably won't agree and you usually have to get...
  14. Modification of Support: Re: Ordered to Pay Child Support but My Son Lives with Me

    So you never got the child support order modified? That's on you. Get a lawyer. That's all you can do.

    You can't just stop paying child support when there's a court order for it - so that's why...
  15. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Custodial Insist Communication Via Parenting Application I Insist on Phone Calls

    Oh but she can.
  16. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Custodial Insist Communication Via Parenting Application I Insist on Phone Calls

    Go back to court, ask for all communications through Family Wizard. In fact, the judge will probably order it after seeing you in court YET AGAIN over this trivial crap.
  17. Emancipation: Re: Emancipation

    If you don't even have a job, how are you going to take care of yourself? No you won't get emancipated.

    If you're being abused, tell your dad or tell a teacher, counselor or call the police.
  18. Modification of Support: Re: Tax Season with Children

    You file a modification in court. Find a local family law attorney who can help you.
  19. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: What Are My Options if My Ex Keeps Making False Police Calls

    I was speaking with a DV advocate at my last duty station for the almost 4 years I was there and it helped a lot. It's not always the case - the base I was at before that one their DV advocates were...
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    Child Neglect: Re: What Are the Legal Actions I Can Do

    Just stay away until she is 18 and out of their house. It really is that simple.
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    Child Neglect: Re: What Are the Legal Actions I Can Do

    Is she worth all this trouble? Do you want to end up dead or in jail over this girl? I would just stay away until she's 18 at the very least.

    Also - no age is not just a number. When she's 18 if...
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    Re: Custodial Refuses Visitation What Can I Do

    She had a family emergency and she asked you to be cooperative. You refused. So YOU are deciding not to see your kid because YOU are a selfish POS. If you try to take her to court for contempt and...
  23. Emancipation: Re: 16 Year Old Abused Female W/O Parental Consent

    "I don't currently have a job because my parents won't let me leave the house but I have 3 guaranteed employers(I only need two to sustain myself)" -- This right here would cause a judge to deny...
  24. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: How to Regain Custody of My Daughter from Her Grandmother

    Find a lawyer in your area who does free consultations and then sit down and talk to that person about what you can do. In fact, talk to at least 3 different lawyers. Sometimes you get lucky and find...
  25. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Custodial is Again Interfering with Phonecalls. Filing a Motion for Failure to Ob

    LMAO! Are you for real? This dude is either already over the edge or a troll with too much time on his hands. If my comment about him being a sociopath "pushes" him "over the edge" there wasn't much...
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