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  1. Re: CA Civil Code 841.2 - Shared Fence Lines

    I should have come here for advise instead of the city and county BEFORE the project was complete.
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    Legal Research: Researching California Civil Code 841.2

    I am conducting legal research for the state of: California

    Where can I get the definition of CA Civil Code 841.2?

    The CA Codes page jumps from 841. to 841.4.

    Any input would be greatly...
  3. Re: CA Civil Code 841.2 - Shared Fence Lines

    Should I have a survey done before pursuing requests for reimbursement?
  4. Re: CA Civil Code 841.2 - Shared Fence Lines

    1. Their yards are fenced in on three sides. Same as mine. (Standard track home).

    2. No survey was done since the new fence was going up where the old one was.

    At this point I welcome any...
  5. Shared Fence Lines - California Civil Code, Sec. 841.2

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: California

    After a couple of years amongst all of our neighbors admitting fences needed to be replaced, I have two neighbors that will not...
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