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    Retailers: Re: Damaged Store Fixture

    Not gonna happen. Nobody at the store did anything wrong to you. It was your own fault.
  2. Auto Insurance: Re: [Washington State] Didn't Have Proof of Insurance in the Vehicle

    I don't know. Every traffic ticket I've ever gotten provided specific instructions on the ticket. What does her ticket say.

    For want of any other solution, that would be an excellent idea to...
  3. Naturalization: Re: What's the Best Route to Get Proof of U.S. Citizenship

    Ask USCIS what documents will be acceptable.
  4. Re: Can a Seller Cancel a Contract Due to Title Issues

    Never take legal advice from the enemy. Rely on only your own legal team.

    You don't have much choice but to go through with your sale, move all your stuff into storage, and rent a place until you...
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    Private Sales: Re: Bought a Malfunctioning Macbook Pro

    Sorry, unless you want to travel to Indiana and sue him there, which will cost you more than $700 that you won't get back, there isn't any help.

    You bought it AS IS.

    Call the local police there...
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    Re: Legality of 2 Marriages

    Bigamy is a crime. She could go to prison for it. So, yeah, the greedy little pig needs to get divorced if she wants to remarry.
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    Slander: Re: Fake Messages

    Start by reporting it to the police. There may be a crime in there some place. Hacking, maybe.

    Then send messages to everybody in your phone contacts and email contacts that you have been hacked...
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    Re: Zero Property Line in HOA Community

    You, or a condition of your house, damages her property, you are legally responsible.

    Do what it takes to prevent it. Small dollars spent now avoids big dollars spent later.
  9. Re: I'm on Child Support but I'm the Active Parent

    "Will be garnished" is the operative phrase. It means that you still have some days before it comes out of your pay.

    By "active" parent I take it you have court awarded custody. Whether it was...
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    Re: Florida Rental

    No. The only thing withholding rent gets you is evicted for non-payment.

    If you are going to do it, understand that you take a big risk that the LL might evict you rather than wake up.

  11. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Upstairs Drain Pipe Located in Downstairs Wall in Condo Burst, Which Owner Pays

    That kind of drain line problem would have to have been going on for years, maybe even predating your ownership and your neighbor's ownership.

    There's no negligence involved on the part of either...
  12. Re: Followup Thought I Purchased a Townhome with a Detached Garage

    Here's the original thread on this topic:
  13. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Pension Company Says Designated Beneficiary is Not Due Payout

    This appears to be a contracts issue that just about any attorney can handle.

    Though I agree with the other response. The money should go to her estate. Call back and ask about that.
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    Re: Subcontracting

    You've got it exactly right. Stop worrying.
  15. Re: Struck Illegally Parked Car While Avoiding an Accident with Another Car

    Do you use your car for the delivery service without your insurance company knowing about it?
  16. Disability Benefits: Re: Disability How Difficult is It to Get

    The word that comes to mind is "syncope."

    There are several discussions online...
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    Contract Law: Re: Switching Phone Service Providers

    Yes. Your contract says it ends on a certain day, it ends on that day. The provider has no obligation to provide temporary additional time just so you can take your business elsewhere. Why is that so...
  18. Re: No Show Contractor and Breach of Verbal

    This is why I tell people never to give a contractor money up front. Buy the material yourself, hire the labor, pay as he works (not before). And I would never hire any contractor who doesn't already...
  19. Probation and Parole: Re: I Canít Live with the People I Live with Anymore

    Not a legal issue.

    Maybe you'd be on better terms if you got off your butt and actually did things around the house to earn your keep. Whatever problems you have, he's providing you a place to...
  20. Re: If Someone in Possession of Your Property Becomes Deceased

    No, I'm not suggesting that.

    Did I actually have to say "OP go to your friend and get his OK to pick up the motor"?

    I guess maybe I did have to say that.
  21. Rental Agreements: Re: Can My Son Stay in an Apartment I Rent if I Leave

    And here is the entire NYC Rent Stabilization Code:
  22. Re: Boyfriend Who is a Bit Threatening and Emotionally Abusive Won't Leave House


    A restraining order will have the abuser removed quickly.
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    Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: Out of State Claim

    Do you have homeowners or renters insurance? If yes, report this to your insurance company and let the professionals handle it. It's why you pay for insurance.
  24. Re: If Someone in Possession of Your Property Becomes Deceased

    Go get it.

    Worry more about your motor than his ego.
  25. Re: If Someone in Possession of Your Property Becomes Deceased

    If you were smart, you would go get it NOW.

    I've read too many posts like yours where the poster ends up never getting his property back.
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