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  1. Extortion: Re: Help, Need Advice on Protection from Blackmail

    Either find a good divorce attorney or come clean with your wife, and see if your wife is willing to go to counseling if you are both willing to salvage the marriage.

    Otherwise, you don't buy a...
  2. Wills: Re: Should I Give a Copy of My Will to My Executor

    My father has told me that I am the executor of his Will. I know where it is but I have not seen it and I hope it is many years before I do see it.

    Frankly, until he passes away it's not really...
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Animal Death

    If the county officials for whatever reason (good ol' boy network, nepotism, corruption, etc.) will not touch him then you and your friend can try taking your evidence to the state police in your...
  4. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Challenges Dealing with Multiple Groups of Heirs

    The first step (after getting an attorney) is to get an inventory and appraisal of everything. Also you said there is little cash. Are there any outstanding debts that exceed the available cash? ...
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    Service Providers: Re: No Contract Signed

    SMH normally I'm better about picking up on those. Thanks.
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    Service Providers: Re: No Contract Signed

    Why has your username changed?

    Given what you have posted no, you don't owe her and I would not respond to her. That said, my husband is a photographer and people scheduling shoots and then...
  7. Banking: Re: [Pls. Move to Real Estate] Need Mortgage Servicer to Send Duplicate Notices

    Most mortgage servicers have an online portal where you can make payments and get copies of statements, tax documents, notices, etc. If you can't get copies of documents sent to you, you and your...
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    Relocation: Re: Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State

    You can find examples of long-distance child visitation plans online. There won't be as many visits but they will be of longer duration, and the plan can include Skype sessions or phone calls so the...
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    Service Providers: Re: No Contract Signed

    In addition to this, how did you find this photographer? If through her Facebook business page or web site, does she have Terms of Service listed there?
  10. Non-Performance and Breach: Re: Contractor is Taking Me to Court. Will Be I Able to Defend Myself

    Agreed, and here is why. The contractor is not going to want to proceed with a civil trial if he has - as I heard one judge delicately put it - Fifth Amendment issues. The contractor can't "plead...
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    Child Neglect: Re: What Constituts Neglect in North Carolina

    Call CPS.
  12. Water Rights: Re: Does the Owner of a Lakebed Own the River That Feeds It

    I don't think anyone here can answer that. I do expect a court case to answer those questions to take years and will be rather expensive.

    Are there even any precedents for this situation in NY?
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    Service Providers: Re: Paid for Services Not Delivered

    Was the contractor a corp/LLC or was he a sole proprietor? If a corp/LLC, you can check the Indiana Secretary of State web site to find his registration info and where to serve a small claims suit....
  14. Purchase Contracts: Re: Legal Description Deed and Sales Contract

    At least the OP realized there is a problem now and contacted the builder. Could you imagine the mess if the OP had just tossed the property tax bill into a file with the rest of his 2019 tax...
  15. Federal Taxes: Re: When Do You Have to Take Required Distributions from Your Sep
  16. Spousal Rights and Duties: Re: Wife's Credit History

    That is your thinking; is it your wife's? At this stage of my life it would also be my thinking as my daughter is still young. If she were an adult, the treatment was costly, and there was a low...
  17. Spousal Rights and Duties: Re: Wife's Credit History

    OP do you know for a fact that your wife doesn't plan on just palliative treatment and/or hospice when the time comes so she's enjoying the time she has left, versus trying to get treated at any cost...
  18. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Is a Public Utility or Drainage Easement Open for Public Use

    If your HOA puts out a community newsletter perhaps it should an article in the next one reminding the homeowners that they are not allowed to access the pond through the public utility easements.
  19. Contracts and Agreements: Re: Can an Indemnification Clause Be Enforced when the Company Misclassified a Contra

    Thank you. I did do a quick search through the NJ web site to see where he could start the process to request a determination, but I didn't find anything so I didn't mention it.
  20. Contracts and Agreements: Re: Can an Indemnification Clause Be Enforced when the Company Misclassified a Contra

    This is the first that you've brought up the potential for your contract being terminated. Up until now everything you asked was with respect to a lawsuit being filed and the enforcement of the...
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    Re: Waiting Time Penalty

    After 30 years in IT I would also state that sending emails for something this important is also worthless. All communication should be via USPS certified with return receipt requested.

    I would...
  22. Contracts and Agreements: Re: Can an Indemnification Clause Be Enforced when the Company Misclassified a Contra

    So what options are you considering?
  23. Purchase Contracts: Re: Loan Servicing Company Fraud - Selling What They Not Own

    Not criminal but if this is the way they regularly do business then the Attorney General's office may already have received complaints about this company. It also costs nothing to file a complaint...
  24. Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Contempt of Court

    Based on post hx, the owner of the building the city took by eminent domain and subsequently rented out.
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    Weapons Offenses: Re: Is There a Federal Law Against Taking an Otf Knife with You Overseas
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