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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Probable Cause DWI

    Whether probable cause exists is usually an issue of fact, and is very appropriate for the jury to consider.

    I disagree that hitting a curb once is reasonable suspicion for a stop, since I recall...
  2. Security Deposits: Re: Deposit Given to Landlord but I Didn't Move In

    The hard part will be proving what you told us. The property manager may agree with your entire story except the "refundable" part. The property manager may argue that she was willing to forego 11...
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    Re: House Damage Due to a Flat Roof

    Carefully read the fine print of the insurance policy. jk may well be right, but the policy itself determines the answer.

    You said, "the owner disclosed that there were no problems with standing...
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    Fraud: Re: Conversion Charges Filed

    That was your second mistake. You should not talk to the police. Watch the YouTube video Don't Talk to Police to better prepare yourself for next time.

    Your first mistake was not immediately...
  5. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: CVC 21655 - No Signs Posted

    CVC 21655 has nothing to do with carpool lanes. It has to do with making the speed limit for one or more lanes travel lower than other lanes, for certain vehicles such as a bus drawing any other...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Car vs. Bicycle. Who is at Fault

    That is not so obvious to me.

    California Vehicle Code 21804 says:

    The driver of any vehicle about to enter or cross a highway from any public or private property, or from an alley, shall yield...
  7. Trademarks: Re: Trademark/Copyright Slogan

    If you read the Copyright Basics document from the U.S. Government you would better understand the issue.

    A "broad" slogan is nevertheless eligible for federal protection. The problem with a...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: 14-Year Old Daugher Raped at School

    An intelligent, knowledgeable lay person could likely petition the court responsible for the custody arrangements to get a court order compelling the school to share the information with you, though...
  9. Disorderly Conduct: Re: White and Black. Racial Profiling

    Whether you can beat it depends on how good your attorney is and what evidence is seen in court. The dashboard cam would help.

    It is extremely difficult to prove racial profiling based on a single...
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    Harassment: Re: Cctv for Zero-Lot House

    Yes. But you could set up a piece of wood or something in front of the camera to block his side of the fence from the camera. The closer to the camera the wood is, the more blurry the dividing line...
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    Extortion: Re: Blackmail Over Theft

    It seems to me that you and he entered into a contract that effectively converted the theft into a loan. State contract law generally says that contract clauses that are against the public interest...
  12. Trademarks: Re: Trademark/Copyright Slogan

    I disagree with both assertions.

    Slogans cannot be copyrighted, according to Copyright Basics.

    You are using your slogan in advertising, and not associated with a product, so it is not a...
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    Harassment: Re: Neighbor Dispute Cctv Order of Protection

    It might help if you bring a print from each camera showing its field of view. Bring three copies---one for you, one for the judge, and one for the other party.
  14. Security Deposits: Re: California Supreme Court Decision Re 21-Day Rule

    I searched Google Scholar of all California cases for the exact phrase "21 days" and each of the following words: deposit tenant

    I got 6 hits. None of them were for the California Supreme Court.
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Charging Me for Maintenance

    Not quite accurate there, SChinFChin. The competence of friends or handymen range from negligent stupid ignorance to diligent intelligent expertise. What one friend cannot handle, a good handyman may...
  16. Re: Can Owner of Vehicle Collect Mini Tort if Driver Not Listed on Insurance

    I agree with jk. As Michigan State Insurance Consumer Information Sheet FIS-PUB 0206 says, "Under 'mini-tort,' if you are 50% or more at fault in an accident, and damages to the other driver=s car...
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    Re: Website Photo Without Consent

    Yes, regardless of whether it is visible from the public roadway.

    If it could be determined that the photo was taken from on your property and you had "No Trespassing" signs posted and you could...
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    Child Abuse: Re: Bruises on My Fiance's Son. Third Time and Now Shes Reverting to the Vistim Role

    Excellent goal.

    I suggest your fiancÚ tell Child Protective Services what he is willing to do for his son, and that he wants CPS to vigorously monitor his son's well-being. Maybe also go to court...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting at JCPenney

    If JCP is offering to drop charges and merely ban you from JCP for a year, in return for $200, I would take them up on the offer. Get it in writing.
  20. Re: Can a Ticket Be Dismissed for Listing the Wrong Code and Violation

    ... or a valid checkpoint.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting at JCPenney

    Any lawyer who guaranteed a good result would be incompetent, and subject to sanctions.
  22. Police Conduct: Re: Cop Cited and then Cites Complaintant

    It sure sounds like a revenge citation.

    Instead of worrying about the officer's motive, I suggest worrying about defending the citation.

    Once the citation is dismissed, you can worry about your...
  23. Re: How Can They Do This

    If you return the car, get all your money back, and get the loan cancelled, what is unfair about it?
  24. Domestic Violence: Re: False Arrest Recourse Options Available

    Excellent! Far too few people do that.

    No, assuming they are allowed to take you into custody for a "drunk in public" offense.

    Your "damage" in a False Arrest case is not the charges filed...
  25. Search and Seizure: Re: Inadmissable Evidence Due to

    It sure sounds like an illegal search to me, assuming you have a normal lease.

    Even if your lease allows your landlord to enter your apartment, that is normally only for inspection purposes....
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