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    Auto Insurance: Re: Accident with no insurance in California

    Some insurance companies immediately send everything to collections if you don't have insurance.

    You are wanting to know if the estimate is correct. If you had insurance for this date of loss your...
  2. Auto Insurance: Re: Friend drove my car, crashed it with no police record. I have no collision coverage.

    Unless you can replace your vehicle out of pocket you should always carry collision coverage. You could have easily got in an accident yourself w/an uninsured or underinsured motorist and be in the...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Car Accident With A Minor

    In order for the minor to not be covered, his parents would have to file a stolen vehicle report and press charges against him. If they haven't done that, then there is coverage. He may not be a...
  4. Auto Insurance: Re: Unlicensed and Uninsured Driver Causes Accident

    The company vehicle is insured and should cover any worker/permissible driver using it. The only way coverage could be denied would be if the owner stated he did not give permission to the driver. ...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Accident Deductible Claim

    The reason people have insurance is so they don't have to sue and get lawyers. If you pay your deductible, you give your insurance company a mutual interest in pursuing the other party and yes, you...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Parking Lot Backing-up Accident

    A claim will need to be filed with both companies and hopefully both companies will come to the same conclusion.

    The adjuster will consider the point of impacts on both cars, how far both were out...
  7. Auto Insurance: Re: Accident where both drivers use the same insurance company

    The only witness statements that can be counted are independent witness statements. Family, friends and people within the same vehicle are discounted as a witness. So if the other guy had a van with...
  8. Auto Insurance: Re: Someone opened their car door into mine, and refuses to pay

    That's why I like to park far, far away. I like to walk and need the exercise anyway.

    Some people are just careless and inconsiderate when they open their doors, others park so close that when...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Double Coverage same household?

    If your vehicle was totaled, then both companies would split the cost of the value of your car. Exampled , if your car was worth $6000, company A would have to pay $3000 and company B would also...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Minor Accident

    Damage may seem minor but still be very costly to repair. I had what looked like a very shallow indentation on the back bumper around the light and the estimate was $900.

    You should settle through...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Involved in an accident while uninsured

    File a claim with the at fault's carrier!

    Get insurance! Being dropped by your insurance carrier means you need to find another one. Everyone is required to have liability insurance. All insurance...
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