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  1. Getting Fired: Re: Giving a Number to Another Employee Can Get You Fired Why

    You didn't give her your number. You propositioned a coworker for sex in the workplace with an explicit sexual comment about her appearance and proceeded to insert a writing to that effect into her...
  2. Modification of Support: Re: Can Modification Be Made on Child Support Arrears

    If an arrearage has already been ordered by the court with interest then it is improbable that a judge in Texas is going to reduce the arrearage or waive the interest unless the parties have reached...
  3. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Refusal to Cooperate With Loss Prevention After a Shoplifting Accusation

    Wow this thread went wild.
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    Defamation: Re: Defamation by Implication, Inference, Innuendo, or Insinuation - How to Proceed

    A plaintiff can non-suit its own case. I guess that is the answer to the questions although I don't understand why the plaintiff brought an unmeritorious suit in the first place.

    I don't see a...
  5. Libel: Re: I Wish to Intentionally Defame a Fellow Via a Created Website. Thoughts

    You'd be surprised how easy it is to get these kinds of websites taken down. I don't think OP even gets the satisfaction of knowing this information is floating around out there.

    Even if OP is...
  6. Marriage Ceremonies: Re: Is a Marriage Legal if Wedding Ceremony Was Outside the State of License

    The statutory language for a marriage certificate in Nevada requires completion of the address of the ceremony which has "Nevada" typed into the state. I don't know how a certificate could be...
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    Division of Assets: Re: Post Nup

    Nobody can be forced into signing a postnup that will ever be enforceable in court. There are specific requirements under your state's laws regarding the contents of the agreement and the procedure...
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    Resignation: Re: Going to Resign - Tips Appreciated

    Keep in mind that your prospective future employer can go back and contact your prior employers at any time and nothing beyond an enforceable confidentiality agreement prohibits a prior employer from...
  9. Application: Re: Charged with Misdemeanor As a Teen, Now Expunged, Applying for Job

    How do you know it was expunged?
  10. Sales Agreements: Re: Is a Car Dealer Liable if They Let You Drive Off the Lot Without Collision Insura

    Ultimately the requirement to carry insurance is the buyer's responsibility.

    The insurance company is liable to the buyer if the buyer contracted for full coverage and executed a valid contract...
  11. Court Proceedings: Re: How Long Does the Court Have to Bring a Neglect Charge to Court

    Filing a request alone probably isn't enough for the court to schedule a hearing.
  12. Divorce: Re: Filing for Divorce With Children From a Post-Separation Relationship

    This is a great example of why these online forms websites and people purporting to have expertise in drafting legal documents are giving you what you are paying for.

    Your children were born...
  13. Post-Discharge Issues: Re: General Motors Stock Can't Be Sold Due to Bankruptcy

    I agree that the shares are probably illiquid. I'm not sure who would be buying those shares to try to find a private placement but maybe there is somebody out there dumb enough to want to pick up...
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    Getting Fired: Re: Violation of FMLA and Wrongful Termination

    I would not assume the disclosure issue was the reason or at least the only reason for the termination given the timing of the events, the supervisor's insistence that FMLA does not apply to you and...
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    Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: Reasonable Pregnancy Accomodations at Work

    If we assume that your pregnancy-related condition qualifies for coverage by the ADA you have certain legal entitlements to a reasonable accommodation under the ADA and the PDA (pregnancy...
  16. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Can An Employer Change You From Non-Exempt Hourly to 100% Commission

    7(i) could be applied here but that is not what I explained.
  17. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Father is Threatening to Take Children From Temporary Guardians

    I'll pile on that the POA has zero effect on the father. At best it is some evidence that the mother left the kids with you.

    Guardianship is likely not the issue here, rather you need to deal with...
  18. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Child Support Payment Records Differ Between Agencies

    I can certainly appreciate the difficulty in dealing with problems in agency records of child support. It is always a mess trying to get these things sorted out and agencies like to hold any money...
  19. Divorce: Re: How to Structure a New Business to Protect It from Divorce

    A postnuptial agreement may be your only mechanism to ensure your spouse can never receive equity in the business. Typically to create an enforceable postnup both parties need independent counsel to...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Let's Try It This Way

    It's also worth pointing out that if you are legitimately transitioned to an IC role (and I am not sure that is the case here) that you would likely lose access to employee benefit plans and...
  21. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Can An Employer Change You From Non-Exempt Hourly to 100% Commission

    Inside sales employees can be paid on a straight commission system but the system still has to comply with minimum wage and overtime rules so the effect of combination of those rules is that the...
  22. Division of Assets: Re: Creative Ways to Settle This with an Ex Who Doesn't Want to Settle

    You have a lot of concerns that you need to address with your attorney. If you don't understand the plan for property division then either you haven't had the talk with your attorney or you do not...
  23. Background Checks: Re: Texas Backround Check, Counsumer Reporting Agency and the Real Truth in Texas

    It's worth pointing out that an employer can internally perform background checks beyond the seven year limit. The federal and state laws setting that seven year limit only applies to CRAs, such as...
  24. Disability Insurance: Re: Private Disability Insurance Co. Asking for Private Information Not Relevant to C

    What the insurer is asking for is fairly common for disability claims. They are trying to assess whether you qualify for a benefit under your policy due to the health condition and if you do qualify...
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    Trademarks: Re: Getting Rights to a URL on YouTube

    YouTube actually owns the content--particularly the web address you seek--so the first place you would need to look is at the TOS for youtube.
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