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  1. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding in California

    Right on. Thanks. Are you saying because I admitted to it just now? Because I did not admit to officer. He said got you doin 87 there. And I said hey Im just a union worker trying to get to work...
  2. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding in California

    Thanks. The reason I mention the illegible ticket is because Im high school I had a ticket dismissed because they could not read the officers handwriting and who also marked the wrong box for AM/PM....
  3. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding in California

    Yes thats the code. Looks like 77349 though... how do I find out when I last had a ticket? I just have the traffic school receipt in my email that I delayed until the last week possible.
  4. Speeding Tickets: Speeding in California, Ineligible for Traffic School

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

    Hey all - I read an older thread on here where some members suggested just posting as soon as the OP had gotten the ticket, so...
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